Has been Bricktown residentsince 2003, single, no current family - However has participated in family roles from prior relationships.  While growing up in Union County, hometown Westfield, Graduated from Westfield Sr. High School where he was athletic Track and Field major; later attended Union County College for Business Management studies. Both parents  Italian decent from second generation deceased back in the early - 80's and 90's. where he had to take on his own journey in life with both parents deceased.Victor also has one older sibling living in N.J.   
   Life time achievements - Victor has worked in various fields over the many years - from Research and Development, Judaical system,  Corrections, Financial services also active surety bondsman. He is currently employed with in the Health Care Networks  (Allied Health related and Member Health Care services) - also a public servant in:  Active: USCG aux- air crewman,  Brick Town Department O.E.M. CERT. Response Team, listed with The department of Home Land Security, Military Sea Lift Command and member with New Jersey State  Law Enforcement Officer Association.      Victor enjoys Cruise's, traveling when he can,his friends, acquaintances are valued by him.  He is also a person of many skills who believes in  giving back to others, community and in volunteer work  ( Children with special needs  - Best Day Foundation, Autism Awareness ).  Hobby's include: boating, flying, cycling, working out,attending social networking groups - Meet ups and Networking events. He has traveled about 40+ States of the United States, visited parts of Central America, both Eastern and Western Caribbean.      Victor has also worked on two New Jersey elected Governor Campaigns including: James E Mc Greevey and Chris Christie. He is Recognised in both community and public eye including media for achievements,pubic affairs,speaking,personal development over time. Also worked on various research projects that coin-sign with careers and personal studies.  Audit lecture studies from various professors from Colleges and Universities across the U.S. Including: Psychology,Business Management,Life Insurance and Allied Health - non credited.         -Mary Bree ~writer
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