UPDATE: Superintendent Wants Added Security In Wake Of Conn. Shootings

Toms River Schools chief is seeking to improve security at the district's 18 schools.

After a massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut on Friday, Toms River Regional Schools Superintendent Frank Roselli said he is looking to bolster security at the district's 18 schools and would like a set of recommendations within two months.

"One of the things done during the weekend was to put the schools on high alert," Roselli said at Tuesday night's Toms River Regional Board of Education meeting.

shot his mother at their family home in Newtown, Conn. before killing 20 children and six staff members at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, reigniting a national debate about gun control. Lanza then killed himself, authorities said.

Toms River schools has had a "Super Safe School's Committee" after the  shootings in 1999 at Columbine High School in Colorado. Roselli said he is looking for a subcommittee within that group to develop short and long term goals to improve security.

Security officers patrol the grounds at schools and lockdowns are practiced monthly at the schools, Roselli said.

"Some of the recommendations may be procedural and some of the things we could end up recommending may cost money," Roselli said, noting that these matters should be raised before drawing up next year's school budget.

Roselli cited some of the security challenges associated this week with parents and family members attending school assemblies associated with the holidays.

Roselli said some of the meetings of this subcommittee, which could include law enforcement officials, will be public while others may be held privately before the recommendations are presented to the school board.

Some members of the community, who spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting, were critical of security at the schools, suggesting that some schools are lax about allowing people entry into the schools.  Roselli's comments were made earlier than the public portion of the meeting.

Maria December 22, 2012 at 11:46 PM
Hey Barbara hopefully they would be smart enough to put a son clothes detective in the area or 2 ... I know it seems like a lot of money but look around we have a van that goes around with inmates cleaning up .... I'm not sure how other people feel about this but to see criminals that close cleaning up streets or staring out of the van makes me sick ! And they are near our children so to give them protection they deserve it ! Maybe u don't like uniforms I think that would be foolish to put them in uniform ... Some kids want cops in their schools . Ask them ! U may be suprised what they say
Maria December 22, 2012 at 11:52 PM
And voice of reason ! U are right ! Hos " daddy walked out" mommy busy at the bar and well as for other cases children having kids at 16 and it being cool doesn't help ! MTV glamorizing it doesn't help and welfare not cutting them off after the first 10 children doesn't either ! Parents depend on teachers teachers depend on parents and one parent in an inner city " well they can go to Jamesburg " for a while jail ! Yes they send their kids on the streets to sell drugs by 9 sometimes ! And that's the truth ! Divorce is so easy having a child does not require a certification Or a license yet an animal does ! Ha ! Unreal ! To all of you parents who invest time energy and money into your child thank u ! For those who don't .... They deserve to be sitting where ever their kid ends up perhaps jail hopefully dead
Maria December 22, 2012 at 11:57 PM
Plain clothes detectives on grounds at all times . If two is too expensive get a k9 ... And make sure that officer is qualified and certified in handeling juveniles last thing you need is a disgruntled cop that is too lazy to do their job ! Working with kids is not easy but most cops love it as a passion and if there's a cop out there that in their hearts to protect our children . But thorough interviews should be conducted last thing u want is the kids scared of a crusty cop that gives everyone else that works in the profession a bad mark ! So choose wisely !
Maria December 23, 2012 at 12:00 AM
Photo 1 of 1 HOWELL —Gunfire from hunters in the vicinity of an elementary school this morning alarmed school officials and parents who were dropping off their children, and sent local police rushing to the scene. No one was injured and Howell police determined the hunters adhered to the required distance from an occupied building for carrying a firearm, Griebling Elementary School principal Nancy Rupp said in the e-mail to parents. Rupp said police determined the gunfire came from hunters "who were in the fields behind the school. It was reported that they were within their legal limits for this activity," she said. She added that because of Friday’s school massacre in Newtown, Conn., "I requested that the police officers appeal to the hunters to please go elsewhere." Howell police did not respond to a call for comment. It is against state law to carry or fire a loaded firearm within 450 feet of an occupied building or school playground without written authoritization, according to the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife website. That distance is still too close for Brendan Davis, whose 7-year-old daughter, Marinn, attends Griebling, but was out sick today. Davis acknowledged the added unease following the school shooting in Newtown, which left 20 students and six adults dead. But he said after speaking today with fellow parents, many agree the law should be changed so hunters must be farther from school grounds. MORE MONMOUTH COUNTY NEWS
Maria December 23, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Guns do not kill people . people kill people ! I would almost gaurantee that 80 percent of all homicides in NJ have been illegal weapons if you don't believe me gather reports on illegal weapons in NJ ! Criminals that have guns do not apply for permits to purchase and register at the Local Pd only time they go there is to be locked up ! The law states that you can not carry or own if u are a " certain person" read up on that ! So u can't be crazy and u can't be a criminal ! Now ! All u let's get rid of Gun people have u ever shot a gun ? Educated yourself on handeling one ? If not try it out go to the range take a safety class ! Ur mind will change ! And people that are unarmed protecting the school ???? Um if a Gun is pointed at him or her ??!! Now what ???? Run call 911???? And what bleed out ? Use common sense ! And if you are a woman and are scared don't be ! Go to the range learn and shoot !


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