Ratables On the Rise As Brick BOE Introduces Budget

Ratables up by about $50 million over last year, school official says

The Brick Township Board of Education introduced its tentative 2014-15 budget at a meeting Thursday night, though the spending plan is likely to change prior to a public hearing and adoption scheduled for next month.

The $143,415,057 budget will be supported by a $97,537,041 tax levy. The levy will remain nearly the same as in the current school year. The 2013-14 levy is $97,160,762.

But the tentative budget is based on 2013-14 spending levels and will change as officials crunch the number, Business Administrator James Edwards said.

"It will not look anything like it does today. I guarantee that," said Edwards. "It’s inevitable. It’s a tentative budget."

The Board of Education requested Edwards introduce a budget without a tax hike.

"If nothing is changed, the school tax portion of your tax bill will decrease," Edwards told a resident at the meeting.

Edwards said Brick Township's ratables are up about $50 million from last year, since some homes damaged during Superstorm Sandy are back on the tax rolls.

The revised budget will be up for adoption after a public hearing to be held April 24.
Rock.n.Roll March 26, 2014 at 04:13 PM
The fellow in the article says that "now that ratables are back after Sandy" ? Am I missing something? My house was declared uninhabitable by the town and told to knock down, closed up for the year, and still had to pay full taxes all year, even though we could not live in. So why would taxables be down from Sandy if one had to still pay their full tax bill? Should I have been off the "tax roll" and not paying full taxes like I did?


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