OCC Pursuing Tourism Degree Partnership With FDU

Ocean County students could start degree program close to home

Ocean County College officials are hoping to forge an agreement with Fairleigh Dickinson University that will allow students to begin the process of earning a degree in Tourism and Hospitality locally.

"We currently do not have a degree, per se, in hospitality and tourism," said Dr. Jianping Wang, President of Academic Affairs.

OCC has been in talks with FDU to allow students to take the first two years of a hospitality and tourism program in Toms River, then transfer to FDU at a significant discount.

FDU's hospitality and tourism program is number four in the nation, said Wang, "but their tuition is also very high."

With room and board, tuition and fees top $40,000 per year at the Teaneck-based school.

Under a potential partnership plan, OCC students could take their firtst two years of classes in Toms River at the community college's tuition rate, then transfer to FDU at a 40 percent discount.

"I had a very promising initial discussion with their representative," said Wang.

If put into place, a partnership program could specifically target students who are accepted at FDU but cannot attend due to financial constraints.

"They definitely want our students," said Wang.

George February 28, 2013 at 12:06 AM
prior to going full speed into this field check out what is happening in AC


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