Brick's 'Shining Inspiration,' Warren Wolf, Has School Named After Him

Brick Township legend honored by friends, family and local officials

Warren Wolf, surrounded by family, friends and public officials, at the unveiling of the sign for the new Warren H. Wolf Elementary School in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
Warren Wolf, surrounded by family, friends and public officials, at the unveiling of the sign for the new Warren H. Wolf Elementary School in Brick. (Photo: Daniel Nee)
He is a man who has worn more hats than anyone else in Brick. Maybe anyone else in New Jersey. But to most people, he's "Coach."

Warren H. Wolf, a legendary head football coach at Brick Township High School, a former township councilman and mayor, Ocean County Freeholder and state legislator, was honored by those who know him best Monday at the dedication ceremony for the new elementary school that will forever bear his name.

Built as the Primary Learning Center to house kindergarten classes, the new Warren H. Wolf elementary school will transform into a traditional elementary school starting with a kindergarten class this September.

"I've seen friends here tonight who I haven't seen in years," said Wolf, 84, shortly after a Brick public works truck lifted a drape off the school's sign that faces Chambers Bridge Road.

"Where did the time go," he asked, after giving out rounds of hugs and hearing those whose lives he touched tell stories dating back decades.

"He inspired everyone in all his life roles as a pillar of our community and our school district," said Board of Education President Sharon Cantillo, calling Wolf a "shining inspiration to all who have been fortunate to have him cross their path."

"I remember being hired by this wonderful assistant superintendent of schools," recalled Rochelle Sheiman, who will be the principal of the Warren H. Wolf Elementary School when it opens in September. "At the end of the year, he took the time to come to my school, and he thanked me and praised my accomplishments as a first grade teacher. For him to take that time, when this is a huge school community, is something in and of itself."

Dennis Filippone, Brick Township High School Principal, said he first met Wolf 46 years ago – when he was an eighth grader playing Pop Warner football.

"I had the opportunity to play for him for four years and coach with him for 20 years," said Filippone. "The best was the last 15, when I can truly say we have been friends."

Tearing up, and leaning in his former coach's direction, "What he did teach me, and how it shaped the person that I am today, are things like passion, being passionate about something.

"Coach was passionate about many things, not even football, but about teaching kids the difference between right and wrong," he continued. "He taught us about character, about how loyalty is above everything else, and how it was to be a man, and how with hard work, you could achieve anything you put your mind to."

Not only did Wolf hire the woman who will now lead the school that bears his name, he hired the man who would go on to take over his seat as Ocean County Freeholder. But before Joseph Vicari became a county leader, he was a teacher at Lake Riviera Middle School in Brick.

"He said, 'Joe Vicari,' why should I hire you?" Vicari said. "I said, 'I want to make a difference.' He said, well, the most important thing is character."

Wolf coached for 49 seasons with Brick, imparting his message of good character, responsibility and teamwork to a combined roster of over 1,000 players. He also went on to become New Jersey's most winningest high school football coach, ending his career with a record of 361-122-11. He retired from the Brick district in 2008.

But even more than the commitment and loyalty Wolf showed to all of his students, colleagues, athletes and friends – everyone in Brick always knew he was a man dedicated to his family; his wife, Margaret, his son, Warren and his daughter, Donna.

"The most vital thing to his success was putting God first, love for us, love for my mom, that's the first thing that always mattered to him," said Warren Wolf, Jr., also a teacher and coach in Brick. "Everything else followed."
J.JONES July 01, 2014 at 10:51 AM
Some peoples priority is there wallet not the education and health of our kids in school..Its called GREED !
Robert Poulson July 01, 2014 at 12:42 PM
Can you further explain your comment J.Jones & how it relates to Mr Wolf?
Jersey Joe July 01, 2014 at 02:57 PM
Very nice! Now lets flll it up with Mexicans who dont pay a dime into the system!
Lori Morrison July 01, 2014 at 05:16 PM
I am pleased to see the school reopening. This will help reduce overcrowding in the other elementary schools. The new name of the school is a perfect choice!
J.JONES July 01, 2014 at 06:50 PM
Hey Robert nothing bad meant to Mr.Wolf he is a big part of Brick history and deserves this honor ..I know him and will shake his hands next time im in his company.But I was commenting on the over paid and extra position formed by the superintendent .Many problem still not taken care of its a shame .


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