BOE: Rumors About PLC Closure Are Untrue

It's 'typical politics,' board member says

Call it politics or call it a typo.

Either way, a rumor going around that claims there are plans to close the Brick Community Primary Learning Center is not true, members of the township Board of Education said Thursday night.

The rumor can be traced to an otherwise run-of-the-mill resolution on the September board meeting agenda allowing the district to hire a demographer to complete a demographics study required by the state. The resolution, however, included language indicating that the study would focus on potentially closing the PLC or turning it into a K-5 grade school.

Board Vice President John Talty said the resolution that was placed on the agenda by Business Administrator James Edwards was apparently a copy of an old resolution from a 2007 demographic study authorization instead of one which reflected the simple demographic study that needs to be completed now.

"Draw your own conclusions," said Talty.

"My fellow board members and I are against closing the PLC, or making it into a grade school, period," he said.

Other board members said the rumor that the PLC would close can be traced to politics.

"All of us on this board want full-day kindergarten," said board member Walter Campbell.

"I have a granddaughter who's at the PLC now and I have another one coming in next year," he said. "It's typical politics, and it will never change in this district."

Board member Susan Suter said people were "spreading rumors and lies" with regard to the issue.

"I hope that the people who are spreading those rumors, if they want to attack me on something, attack me on something that I've actually said," said Suter.

Board President Sharon Cantillo said she reviewed the agenda prior to the September meeting and the resolution was not there, but soon she began getting calls and e-mails from worried parents and residents.

She checked the agenda again, and "lo and behold, there's a proposal on there," she said.

Board members do not personally load information onto the agendas posted on the district's website, officials said.

Cantillo said the rumors have persisted ever since, and recalled that during a previous election cycle, a false rumor was started regarding a potential closure of the district's Education Enrichment Center.

Brenda J. Calderone, a candidate for the board in the upcoming election, said during the public comment portion of Thursday night's meeting that board members alluding to political ties to the rumors amounts to "an attack on our personal credibility."

"If that rumor is going around, it didn't happen anywhere near the group I'm running with," she said.

Board member Larry Reid said the demographic study would actually serve as part of a larger plan to offer full-day kindergarten in the district, using the PLC.

"The reason we're doing the demographic study is because we want to do full-day kindergarten," said Reid. "It's probably the least expensive way to add a full-day kindergarten, and it's probably the best way."

Wendy October 20, 2012 at 03:38 AM
I Didn't say it was BETTER. You may need to brush up on your reading comprehension work. I Said it has pros & cons But having a 4-5 yr expected to actually be learning after 3-4 hrs is ridiculous... The middle school & Even High School try to schedule Academics in the am when ever possible because anyone knowledgeable of the maturity & ability of a young minds KNOWS after a period of time they are not learning any longer... Unless of course your teaching JUST to pass your standardized test.?. personally as a mother, I wouldn't want my child at that age, in a classroom that long.. they should be having fun & getting to enjoy being a child. & we should treasure those few tiny years with them.
kath October 20, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Your hostility is quite odd. You say a 4 and 5 year old is too young for full day? 4 year olds are not in k. With the cutoff date where it is, most k students are 5 and some are turning 6 in k. Have you ever spoken to someone who has a child in a full day k program? Believe me, they are more than able to handle a full day. And full day incorporates more than academics. They are afforded related arts and are able to have lunch and recess time with their peers, which at that age provide valuable life skill lessons and experiences. The sad thing is the mindset of parents who 'baby' their children at this age because they themselves don't want them to grow up. You say you would rather them have half day so they can have fun and enjoy being a child? Most of these kids are in non-academic daycarec programs for the balance of their day because their parents work...that is a more productive use of their time?
JD October 20, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Due to the declining enrollment.... either an elementary school needs to close or the PLC in the near future. You are better off closing the PLC and selling it.... it has more value than Osbornville or Herbertsville which are the targeted schools to close. If they want full day kindergarten, it can be done at the elementary schools.
VBallsMommy October 20, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I absolutely agree with Kath ! My son will be 6 when he attends Kindergarten, which will be a private, full day, that I will have to pay about $5000 for !!! Half day kindergarten is a joke, and ' current unemployment rates " aside, i know most parents do NOT look at full day K., as a babysitting service but as an educational experience. I am a stay at home Mom by choice, and the "imperative " need to know where my child is has NOTHING to do with wanting him to have the ability to meet the expectations of him that will come in first grade. As wendy stated, it has been a while since her children attended... she is obviously out of touch with the current rigors of education. Her white, legal citizen children probably got a lot out of the 2 hours they spent at the PLC. They may even be able to speak Spanish & Italian at the same level that my WHITE multi-cultural, multi-lingual 2 year old can !
joseph October 20, 2012 at 04:06 PM
It is sad that people don't see the difference between the slates of candidates running for BOE this year. I can't say enough positive things about Sue Suter and Walter Campbell. Just look at what is FINALLY getting done in our school district. The facilities are finally being addressed and the failing curriculum is changing to prepare the students for their future. You want to say negative things about Sue Suter, you sound ignorant. You must be a supporter of the political party that lost control of the town council and now wants to take control of the BOE. Unlike the grassroots candidates, Pannucci, Calderone, Conti and Lau are politicians that owe huge favors to all the vendors who contributed to their lavish fund raisers run by John Catalano, former R councilman who was voted out along with Brian DeLuca who raised our taxes 24%!!!!! If you want to go back to the old Woska days with deteriorated facilities, outdated curriculum and vendors making money instead of it going into the classroom, vote for the political Pannucci team. You get what you deserve!
joseph October 20, 2012 at 04:19 PM
i fully agree. the is going to mandate full time kindergarten in the near future. full time kindergarten will be about 5-5.5 hours including lunch.Most of the top schools provide full day kindergarten,and the results in 1st grade are notably.
joseph October 20, 2012 at 04:39 PM
it is quite apparent that you are supporting the republican slate. there is no lying from campbell and suter, only true facts regarding the facilities and the curriclum,which needs major changes according to the new super Dr. Uszensk. Dowling was let go simply because in the judgement of the boe,he was not acceptable as a teacher. I am sure they had more information than us who post on this site.For your information his last evaluation was very poor, which is one of the major reasons he was rejected.as for him as a football coach the boe never voted him out,Hrycenko and the athelitic directir made the decesion not to give him another year.
Watchman October 20, 2012 at 09:40 PM
So what you were really looking for was full time day care and let tax payers foot the bill?
Watchman October 20, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Wow It sounds like you might have a problem with your first grade curriculum.Lets wait until the state mandates it then they can fund it.
joseph October 20, 2012 at 10:04 PM
Brick Surf where do you get your information? If you knew anything, you'd know that Ms. Kight is like a family member to Warren Wolf. Take advantage of him? I don't think so. For the record, Ms. Kight is my neighbor and her son volunteers his time. No cost to the district! Stop spreading lies about this woman. She volunteers hours of her time for this district. She is the leader of this BOE and a darn classy one! Let's look who was before her: Terebush YUCK. Woska: EEEWWWW Bendokas: HOLY INSURANCE PREMIUMS BATMAN! Should I go on????
Watchman October 20, 2012 at 10:08 PM
J.D. YOU are right on.But if you watch thurs. bd. meeting each sitting member clearly states that they would never even consider your idea.
joseph October 20, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Bricklakeriv I agree with you. How can you say Pannucci is not a politician? He was politically appointed to the Brick MUA. He is the Republican Municipal Chair for Ocean County. Look and see where their signs are; right next to the all the other Republican signs for President, freeholders, ect. Who is kidding who? LEAVE POLITICS OFF OUR BOARD OF EDUCATION!!!!!
joseph October 20, 2012 at 10:13 PM
Just go to the Board of Elections website and check out the filing for the Pannucci Lau candidates. You will see Kathy Lindenbaum and her big wallet at it again! Check out the guest list of former councilman, Catalano's fundraiser for Pannucci, Lau. Sen. Andy Ciesla, ect. along with Brian DeLuca, Mayor Acropolis, Councilman Joe Sangiovanni, Councilwoman Ruthann Scaturro, Steven Scaturro head of Republican Club in Brick to name a few. What would you call that? political???
rosemary October 20, 2012 at 10:40 PM
lindenbaum is a two face trouble maker
rosemary October 20, 2012 at 10:43 PM
say what you want 4-6 yr old should not have a 8-10 hr day, & if you HAVE to count on school being your " babysitter" because you HAVE to work a 10 hr day, dont put that on young children,,, get a pet NOT a Child, ( alhough most people with pets wouldnt leave them all day either)
Lil'DragonMom October 20, 2012 at 10:56 PM
I am pretty sure you can be registered to a political party and know people that belong to the same club, and choose to support them with your own money. Just can't be funded by any money that would belong to the actual club.
kath October 21, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Again, 4 year olds are not enrolled in kindergarten. And, again, a school day is not 8-10 hours. Having a child in full day kindergarten has nothing to do with needing a babysitter. It has to do with preparing them for the academic road ahead of them. Most full day programs are from around 9:00am to 3pm, give or take. Out of those six hours you deduct time for unpacking in the am and packing up to go home, then deduct bathroom and drink time, then take away lunch/recess/related arts time. You know what you are left with.....about 4 hours of actual learning time broken up between the previously stated other parts of the day. Anyone who thinks that a 5/6 year old is not capable of learning new things for 4 hours out of the day has very little insight into the mental capacity of a child this age. They are sponges. They are constantly learning. What instructional time do you think they are getting out of a 2 1/2 hour half day....maybe an hour and a half. It puts them at a great disadvantage. And comparing school to a babysitter is a comment only someone with very little knowledge of school practices and curriculum and little regard for teachers would make.
grany10 October 21, 2012 at 03:18 AM
My Dear kath, You are missing the point.Young children should not be in a school environment from 9-3 most needing before & after care if you're working parents... ( making the day from 730 am to 6pm) That's a extremely long day. 4 thru 6 year olds should be enjoy their youth not be in a instuction all day. I'm a grandmother of 12 a retired teacher & mother of 5 ... the point is parents need to learn to live e without certain things or if at ALL possible one of the parents be home with your child at a young age. Do away with your extra car, & spend the time raising your children. NOt sure really what difference it makes by the time these young children are teenagers or young adults they will not have 1 single original thought in their heads or know how to figure out anything on there own.... BUT they will all have smart phones ( hint give up your cell phone dependency & teach your children how to communications with good old fashion face time & dictionaries) ohhh & let me not forget, I guess the plus is to prep them as early as possible to know how to pass all the state test ...
kath October 21, 2012 at 04:00 AM
Wow, seriously? You are certainly showing your age by your comment. And I believe you are missing the point. Your philosophy of young children needing less time in school.so they can enjoy their youth is why American children are so far behind other countries in educational achievements. If a child is learning for around four hours a day as I have explained already, how do they not have enough time to still be children and play? The original convo here was about 1/2 day k vs full day. It has nothing to do with individual families and their working schedules, so your tirade about how selfish working parents are is quite unrelated to the issue being discussed here. BTW, most parents who work and have their kids in daycare do so because they have to, not because they want to. Children from families with working parents or those with a stay at home parent BOTH benefit from full day k regardless of where they go after school hours, ie. daycare or home. And as to the comment about state testing....I can assure you that teachers are not the ones who choose to require state testing. Teachers teach what they are told to teach and test what they are told to test, or they are fired.
brickmom3 October 21, 2012 at 01:56 PM
@ KAth WOW seriously, You're just rude. IF you're an example of our teachers in Brick that explains a lot .Even more reason why I keep my children out of brick schools. you're so blind sided to anyone elses opinion. As previous comments there are pros & cons to full day k. & just for the record I working in local daycare center for years , MANY parents dropped off their 2 1/2 to 5 yrs olds early am ( some by 7am & NOT picking them up to after 630pm) YES in some cases that is the only possible place for the kids to go, I hold heartily agree, nothing is better than being home & spending that valued time with your children ... totally agree with Grany yes she might be older But MUCH wiser than you, YOu may want to open your mind alittle & understand that no matter how old you are ( I'm guessing fairly young still by your comments) you're never too old to learn something new. Working with children in daycare (with full time K in our center) I can tell you Form personal experience, Its a very long day for the kids & your right it really breaks down to MAYBE 4 hrs.... ( so why have them there all day..? glorified babysitters )
BillFoster October 21, 2012 at 05:25 PM
lindenbaum??????????????? same one that pushed the tax increase with al cartine and teh rebublicans withthe united taxpayers group????????????? deluca and lindenbaum pushing this mua bunch to take over the schools now!? we saw what they did to our taxes all ready NO THANXXXXXXXXXXX
VBallsMommy October 21, 2012 at 05:36 PM
The argument is about FIVE YEAR OLD TO SIX YEAR OLD cildren attending full day Kindergarten. Not about after care, or before care, or a judgement of NON stay at home parents !!!! I am a stay at home Mom...and I want my son to go to full day Kindergarten. Please keep in mind, Kath IS a TEACHER. She is an educated, certified professional, probably with a Masters Degree ( as %60 of our teachers in Brick ARE !!!!!) Not a day care worker, or a glorified babysitter. Her unique perspective regarding the ability to actually educate a FIVE TO SIX YEAR OLD CHILD , is worth listening to !!!!!! I agree with her, and do not consider it rude to explain to people of a different generation that the academic demands on children are vastly different from even those of 5 years ago. Our town needs full day Kindergarten, and a better cirriculum overall. Please keep in mind, as our schools rankings increase, so does our property value. Many " Granny's " of a different generation are also the demographic that vote down the increased school budget every year for the last NINE YEARS. Simply because their children are no longer attending Brick schools.
VBallsMommy October 21, 2012 at 05:45 PM
Did you mean " whole heartedly " ? I must state the obvious, again. Kath is a degreed, certified professional. Her perspective on the abilty to educate 5 to 6 year old children is to be valued. I would think that if she is an example of our teaching force within Brick schools, I would be pleased that she would be teaching my child grammer, the correct use of the coloquial, ( also called an " idiom. Idiot.) spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Please note: That was, in fact, rudeness.
VBallsMommy October 21, 2012 at 06:09 PM
bulldad October 21, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Ladies.., SO was Grany10 she was a mother & a retired teacher ( & grandmother... sorry that outranks a teacher long before any of you where most likely alive you may want to listen to the wise old owl. & BTW the poor spelling grammar etc...is what happens when its not taught in our schools, it's just about how well you all do on the standardized testing to see who will be getting Extra money for your school & your pockets(( & doesn't that all seem a backwards to you, ? wouldn't think that the ones having a harder time getting high scores should get MORE funding not less??) & As a father of 4 of 2 of our children NEEDED to be in 1/2 day K with after care needed Bcz my wife & I both had to work a lot during our younger years, but buy the time we had the 2nd 2 my wife worked part time around the kids so some could be home with them & Agee, its the hardest job, But if a parent can be home... be home with them ... my vote is always to raise your own kids NOT have someone else do it.
Lil'DragonMom October 21, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Why did they change candidate night to a debate? Why did they cancel the Tuesday night session at lake riv?
joseph October 22, 2012 at 07:41 AM
Lisa Lau Rich Lau's wife works at BTMUA witrh Frank Pannucci politically appointed by Republicans? John Catalano former town councilman who was voted out of office for raising our taxes 24% and Frank pannucci is municipal chairperson for ocean county republicans> Brian DeLuca and Kathy Lindenbaum running the campaign with Al Cartine?
kim October 23, 2012 at 06:18 AM
Kids today need all day kindergarten. For what the expect them to learn in 2 and a half hours is rediculas. It is so different then when I was in school. They don't play all day in kidnergarten. They actually learn. I am a mother of a son who recently started first grade. And I do believe he would have benifited from all day kindergarten. It's like anything else we gotta move with the times.
Watchman October 23, 2012 at 07:40 PM
Please answer the following(1) if full day is so great why didn't we have it a long time age.(2)how do you intend to pay for double the teachers salary and get double the class room space?(3)The median price of 487 homes sold in Brick last year went down $34,000 from 2010.Is that because we have poor schools?Everyone who wants to spend more money ie.raising taxes claims it will increase the value of your home. That is just so much bull.
Watchman October 23, 2012 at 07:59 PM
Tuesday was cancelled because the board would be in A.C. and two candidates would be missing.Also if the entire board was missing then two members would not be there to ask questions that the 4 people they are backing would know are coming.It was always planned to be a question and answer,not a debate.However the rules were changed at the last minute so the candidates had 1 minute to respond, not 2.Bummer.And Barton, you weren't there????


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