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Township Layoff Plan Calls for Elimination of 171 Positions

Plan calls for elimination of garbage and recycling pickup, 29 police officers

Township officials have submitted a layoff plan to the state Civil Service Commission that calls for the elimination of 171 positions, including deep cuts to the Public Works and Police departments and the elimination of trash and recycling pickup.

The township currently employs 369 people.

The plan, described in a letter to the commission by Deputy Business Administrator Juan Bellu, calls for the elimination of 29 police officers, eight crossing guards and three dispatchers, as well as administrative staff within the Public Safety department. The Public Works department will lose 25 sanitation drivers, eight truck drivers, eight mechanics, eight laborers, five equipment operators and one department head and deputy department head, as well as a number of other employees. That move will result in the elimination of trash and recycling pickup.

The document also states that park maintenance operations will be eliminated and clerical personnel within a number of departments will be laid off. Additionally, a number of inspectors, officers and clerks within the Land Use and Community Development department will get the ax.

"After an extensive analysis of the financial status of the Township it has been determined that it is necessary for the Township to reduce costs," Bellu wrote in the letter, which was addressed to Robert M. Czech, chief executive officer of the Civil Service Commission. "This is due to additional constraints placed upon the Township due to the recently passed 2% tax levy cap, and declining revenues in all areas over the past 2 years. This will result in the elimination of certain functions and titles within the organization."

Bellu wrote that one-time revenues, including a donation of more than $1 million from the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority and a $4.4 million refund from the state to the township, helped stem layoffs during 2009 and 2010. Those revenue sources will not be available this year, Bellu wrote.

"The Township will be unable to balance its 2011 budget at current staffing levels, if a referendum is not passed by the taxpayers," wrote Bellu.

Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis has said taxpayers will be able to vote April 27 on a referendum which would allow officials to exceed the spending cap and retain certain services. The details of the referendum have yet to be decided by the township council.

"This is exactly what the 2 percent [cap] intended to do, which is to give residents a chance to vote on which services they want and which they don't want," said Acropolis on Tuesday. "There are pros and cons to both sides of the issue."

"Whatever the voters decide, we've got to present a balanced budget to the council," Acropolis added. "I believe that was the governor's intent and the Legislature's intent."

Acropolis said two unions representing township employees – the Transport Workers Union and Teamsters – have opened their contracts for renegotiation, and "some Brick residents will look at that" when considering how to vote on the referendum.

A township council meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday night at 7 p.m. The layoff plan is not listed on the agenda for the meeting posted on the township's Web site.

80 March 08, 2011 at 03:49 AM
Brick has enough scrappers stalking the streets for cash. Put some metal on your curb, see how fast it gets picked up. A heck of alot quicker than Brick Bulk Brickguy,Steve Scott P We know Brick gets kickback from the goverment on recycling. You are telling the people there will be no recycle pickup? I will ask our Gov if this is Kosher. Lots of preservation land near by. How long do you guys give it, til the trash is uncontrollable on the curb?
80 March 08, 2011 at 03:56 AM
Vsox1957, Brickguy.. Steve Acop... Come on, you have a job in TRMUA.. You currently have mayor position in Brick... Now you have multiple names on Brick Patch. Be real. Vsox1957, Do you know how many times I have heard out of your mouth, If you do not like Brick. Leave. It is all recorded. You have made this statement to the public, Matthews and Deluca.. All three of you have said this to the public. I have it filed. Perhaps our Governor will have the time to scan the copies I have sent him..... I know he has the time. GoodBye. Good Riddance.... Adios.... Juan.
Oceangal March 08, 2011 at 04:11 AM
Sorry but I'm not the mayor. I came onto this site to get some answers, get other peoples perspective and share my opinion on things. But I quickly learned that if you dont share the same opinion of those that try hard to be the alpha dogs then you are ridiculed and attacked. I was mistaken thinking there could be some healthy discussion on the issues. But this site has become nothing more than a school yard full off bullys who seem to know everything. Pretty much a waste of time. The only thing this site has made me realize however is that I am voting YES. So carry on children. Maybe I will chime in again April 28th
80 March 08, 2011 at 04:21 AM
Brickguy; VSOX.... Bths06 Psst, Brickguy, you got the email's regarding todays posts? VSOX was the name you were using today. Just sayin. Bullys? I will say it one more time. I have on file, town council bullying residents. You can not hide under a screen name Steve. I cannot call you Mayor. Sleep tight. Just remember. Data Universe has all public employees salary info.
disgusted homeowner March 08, 2011 at 04:51 AM
vsox57- a mere coincidence that is the year mayor steve was born. and yes he and certain nasty council members who crawled out of some dirty tenement in the city are fast to tell other folks to get out of brick!!!!!!! and that has been their callous attitude towards the hard working folks in brick during their entire tenure on the council!!!!! get out, leave, etc. steve you were a bully in grammar school, a bully in high school and you're still trying to bully people now. SHAME ON YOU. your mother did one heck of a job as a parent. oh that's right, she soaked brick for a paycheck too for almost 40 yrs. in the court office. the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.


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