Taxi Company Loses Parking Vote

New Mantoloking will now have to remove asphalt lot

New Mantoloking Taxi was denied permission to use a residential lot for parking, the Brick Township Board of Adjustment decided Wednesday night.

In a hearing that spanned nearly three hours, New Mantoloking's attorney, John Jackson, pleaded the taxi company's case for a use variance required to continue using a parking lot that had been illegally paved over.

"I would submit by allowing this additional parking, it would mean less of an imposition on this neighborhood," said Jackson.

But neighbors disagreed, telling board members the lot would back up to their homes, and create noise issues such as doors slamming late at night and conversations among drivers at all hours.

Jackson said the company owns 10 taxis and 23 medical transport vehicles. The company employs about 40 drivers and six office workers, he said.

But board members heavily questioned Jackson and New Mantoloking's consulting engineer as to why the company sought permission to use a residential zone as a parking lot when it already owns and adjacent lot zoned for commercial use on Mantoloking Road.

"I don't see what the hardship is here, if you can put all of your parking on a commercial lot that the taxi company already owns," said Jack Rentschler, board chairman. "If you didn't own that other lot, I would say yes, you have a hardship. But you own that other lot."

Several board members also complained that none of the taxi company's owners came to the meeting, leading to some questions about the company's operations and the necessity of using the residential lot for parking unanswered. There were also concerns that even with the additional parking, there may not be enough for the company.

"They still wouldn't have adequate parking," said Bernard Yucca, a nearby resident who provided photos to the board of cramped parking while the taxi company had been using the paved lot.

Last month, the township council granted the company a license to continue operating on the condition that it would not use the lot. Since then, neighbors have on their narrow streets.

The board voted unanimously to deny the variance. Township Zoning Officer Sean Kinnevy said after the meeting that the company would now have to remove the paving and replant vegetation at the site.

The business is still free to submit an application to use its nearby commercially-zoned lot for parking, officials said.

DS July 20, 2012 at 03:39 AM
Lenape Motel and American Legion have operated for years but both have been respectful of the residents, unlike this guy.
Daniel Nee July 20, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Grownup -- Have you ever called code enforcement and alerted them to the issue? Aqua -- As I've mentioned a hundred times before, there is no law whatsoever banning bamboo in Brick. There is a law stating how it must be planted so it doesn't cross into your neighbor's yard, destroy his pool, patio, driveway, etc. and cause thousands of dollars of damage.
tony c July 20, 2012 at 07:48 PM
Glad they lost. Bunch of rip offs. Treat their drivers like shit. Cars are not even safe to be on the road.do they care? Hell no they don't they just want you to drive and make money for them mean while you drive 12 hours to go home with 17 or 25 dollars in your pockets that's a shame. I feel bad for some of the drivers that are there. And that asshole dispatcher they have there that always hangs up on customers. Screw them.
tony c July 20, 2012 at 07:53 PM
There are losing customers because of poor dispatching. Wonder if the boss knows. Who cares.
nyjetsnj July 22, 2012 at 12:12 AM
in light of what happened here in bayville & The People in Co. I hope you all realize how ridiculous you all sound fighting over a parking lot...


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