Stafford Council Reviews Ordinance on Water, Sewer Hikes

Energy aggregation RFP forthcoming as well

Stafford Township Council this week are reviewing a draft, proposed by Mayor John R. Spodofora, of an ordinance that would set up an annual review system that would "ensure that water and sewer rates keep pace with increases in the future."

Spodofora and other Council members said they are looking at a variety of options, after they passed an increase earlier this summer that led to spikes in third-quarter water and sewer bills for many residents and business owners.  This yearly-review ordinance is in addition to another ordinance that Council members are considering that

Councilwoman Joanne B. Sitek raised the issue during her report at the meeting, noting one letter that she and other Council members received from an older woman in town, whom was very concerned about the increase when she received her most recent bill.


"This woman notes that she is on a fixed income and their was really no way she could handle it," Sitek said. However, Township Administrator James A. Moran said he had spoken with the woman and she qualified for assistance, and he added many others in her situation may also be.

"I would assure people there are ways we can help, they should come and see me," Moran said.

Also, Spodofora mentioned during the Council meeting that he is working on a request for proposal to solicit bids for an energy aggregation program. 

Sal Sorce August 16, 2012 at 12:37 AM
We heard from some who feel the 14,000 gallon usage v fee is not fair ... apparently the town has to share the burden for the huge infrastructure created by The Block Team 27-year reign. The huge water towers built since there was a desire on the part of those who have worked closely with the County GOP and it's county Freeloaders. Face it I brought up the Bonding Debt on several occasions when attending Council meetings ... who do the residents think makes the payment and interest on Bonding Debt? I can recall attending an emergency Bonding Ordinance session at 8AM, thought Paul Shives and Carl W. Block and The Block Team were going to crap when I showed up? I was the only resident interested in what the session was about ... as it turned out ... with the approval was to no end; apparently it was the third time for refinancing the bonding. As many know, you have three times at the Bond Financing Apple ... beyond the third hit, we can only go outside the special bonding "banks". WE ARE AT $150 MILLION IN COMBINES BONDING DEBT. A California town, just file Chapter 11, they can no longer afford the huge township benefits and salaries that once allowed the politicians almost guaranteed reelection for many terms ... sound familiar???
Sal Sorce August 16, 2012 at 12:41 AM
As a conservative Republican since 1969, I do not recognize the party that controls Ocean County ... "RINO'S" seems to fit the description? Republican In Name Only ... need a non partisan Council and Mayor ... Yeah like that's going to happen?
Sal Sorce August 16, 2012 at 01:25 AM
Anyone notice the cut from 5-minutes to 3-minutes for Public Comment? Is the limit for only the Political Season? Interesting that that the Council and Mayor have no time limit ... surely this will be another reason for me to no longer attend. That beeper is annoying as it appears to have been put right up to the microphone ... annoying sound ... Carl Block often allowed me plenty of time to make a point ... until some clown decided to complain. Must have hit a nerve or ... ?
Sal Sorce August 16, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Hidden agenda? Interesting response or comment ... guess your in Intellectual capital is about a large as your comment ... wait for the coming news? Sal Sorce Surf City & Manahawkin


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