One Position Eliminated, One Position Created at BTMUA

Republican employee ousted, Democratic employee promoted

The commissioners of the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, led by a Democratic majority, voted Monday night to eliminate the position of an employee with ties to the Brick Republican party and create a new position for an employee with ties to the Lacey Township Democratic party.

Another position held by an employee with ties to the Brick Republican organization was initially up for elimination but the matter was held for a month.

The position of Administrative Supervisor of Finance, held by Lisa Lau, was eliminated effective immediately after a vote, said Nicholas Montenegro, BTMUA attorney. Lau also served as Central Services Administrative Supervisor.

"The duties and responsibilities of the two positions may be reassigned and absorbed by other positions inside the authority," said Montenegro.

Lau, whose position paid $72,864 in 2012, according to state records, has served as a Republican county committee member in Brick. She had been employed with the MUA since 1992.

Commissioners Joseph M. Veni and Al Cartine both voted against eliminating the position.

A similar measure which would have eliminated the position of Director of Accounts, held by current Board of Education member Frank Pannucci, Jr., was tabled for a month. Pannucci previously served as chairman of the Brick GOP organization.

After eliminating Lau's positions the commissioners unanimously approved creating a new position for Gary S. Vaccaro, a former Democratic candidate for the Lacey Township Committee. His latest bid for public office, in Nov. 2013, was unsuccessful.

Vaccaro will become the authority's Director of Compliance, Safety and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Montenegro said the position will entail the overseeing of regulatory issues, compliance with health and safety regulations impacting authority operations and the implementation of safety programs.

Vaccaro has worked at the MUA for seven years and currently earns $95,388 each year. His salary under the new position was not immediately disclosed.

The new personnel moves come a month after the MUA commissioners eliminated a position held by former Brick Republican council member Domenick Brando, who was employed as the authority's emergency management coordinator.

At the time, Brando told an Asbury Park Press reporter that the elimination of his job was payback for his vote against appointing a former Democratic councilwoman to be township clerk last year while he was still serving on the council.
disgusted homeowner March 30, 2014 at 07:39 AM
People like Brando make other hard working public employees look bad. A typical leach. Had a no show job at the MUA. Worked for the south hackensac pd. for a few years and fell chasing a suspect. Claims disability for an nkle injury, collects a huge disability pension, but can work full time anywhere else. Owns and runs his own business. He doesn't sound too disabled to me. He's committing fraud on the pers disability system and the township of Brick, and should be investigated. He's got the nerve to announce he's running for council again to steal more of the public's money. Real class act. NOT !!!!!
Andy Pat March 31, 2014 at 09:16 AM
It was confirmed that following the MUA meeting Commissioner Fozman had his car vandalized. Tires slashed. Oddly, the same thing happened to Mayor Newman's cars during an election. These local republicans are a rough crowd.
FIMF the ll March 31, 2014 at 09:22 AM
Well, it's good to know that the South Hackensack P D is open for business again.
Mrgrumpass April 01, 2014 at 01:18 PM
Andy Pat You are out of line blaming Republicans, the two Dem's you mentioned I’m sure have plenty of enemies that are not R's, I have met them they would have no trouble pissing everyone off !
FIMF the ll April 01, 2014 at 01:33 PM
It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty three muscles to from. Conserve energy and smile; you'll look ten years younger.


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