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Waterfront Sections of Ocean Gate Still Reeling From Superstorm Sandy

Small borough on the Toms River especially vulnerable to coastal storms

Ocean Gate Mayor Paul J. Kennedy wasn't taking any chances as Hurricane Sandy scuttled up the Eastern seaboard and weather forecasts grew increasingly dire with each hour.

He couldn't afford to. This small borough bordered on the north by the Toms River and on the east by Barnegat Bay is especially vulnerable to flooding from coastal storms.

And Sandy was anything but a mere coastal storm.

Kennedy was one of the first waterfront mayors in Ocean County to order a mandatory evacuation of the entire town.

"All of it," he replied to a reporter's question about what areas were affected.

Nearly two weeks after the vicious storm, residents near the river and bayfront are still slogging through recovery.

Curbsides are packed with sodden furniture, clothing and possessions. Generators, sump pumps and chainsaws clatter. Shell-shocked residents trudge back and forth between houses and curbs with ruined treasures.

Lawns and streets are covered with still-wet river muck. Several cars probably totaled by sea water are airing out in one yard alone.

And then there's the mountain at the baseball field. A mountain of couches, chairs, tables, toys, mattresses and household items, a testament to how many people were affected.

The explosive storm's first victim may have been the landmark Ocean Gate Market, which was destroyed on the morning of Oct. 29, the day Sandy began to roar in. It was the loss of a business this ratable-poor town could ill afford.

Philip November 13, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Ocean Gate is a hell of a town and we will bounce back bigger and better. It is so nice to live in a small town like Ocean Gate. Most of us know most of the people that live here year round and the police and town employees know everyone. The mayor, council, oem, police, fire, ems and public works have been seen all around town through all of this mess. Our poor little board walk looks like a roller coaster and once that is back together it will seem more like home again.
foggyworld November 13, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Good Luck Point just down the road but in Bayville, has received next to zero assistance from any level of government or do gooders. We are being treated as if we are the new Atlantis. There have been 2 exceptions: Jim Brynes, President of the Berkeley Township Council heard of my dismay and did pay us a nice visit. Wish he was running the whole town frankly. And our amazing mailman, Ed, who early on asked me one afternoon when I last ate, turned up that evening on his own time and brought with him a meal he had purchased and wouldn't accept a penny. These two fellows are what this nation used to be about. But now we live with no updated building codes and people trying to toss things back together the same old way. And we have no water, electricity or heat other than the 4 hours daily we get from a generator we purchased. Who is the Building Inspector to hand out permits when he ought to know that the rules of the game are about to change. He's letting a few folks get permits to beat those new rules that should have been put in place in the 1960's. More Berkeley Township management.
carolyn cangelosi November 13, 2012 at 09:29 PM
My husband and I are filling trucks with donated items and plan to leave our home in Baton Rouge, LA Monday the 19th to deliver these items to anyone that needs them. We should be there by wednesday and would love to help your community. We are hoping for truckloads of water, nonperishable foods, cleaning products, paper products, etc. If you will tell me what you need, I will be sure it is on the truck! Please let me know how to reach you. My name is Carolyn cangelosi, ccan1215@aol.com. God Bless You
Carol A November 17, 2012 at 09:48 PM
Does anyone know how the Anchor Inn or Yolanders Restaurants came though Sandys storm?
dainty January 23, 2013 at 01:52 AM
How are you guys doing? Do you have help? I have volunteers willing to do free gutting and debris removal if that helps? joan*


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