Council Scuttles Liquor Store License Sale

Governing body declines to move resolution that would have OK'd sale of 1 distribution license

A proposal to sell a liquor store license died without a governing body vote Tuesday night.

The Township Council declined to move a resolution that would have authorized bidding on a plenary distribution license at its regular meeting, effectively killing the measure that had when initially proposed.

"I don't believe we need to put the license out to bid at this time," said council President John Ducey, who indicated he would have voted against the resolution.

He didn't get the chance. None of the five other council members present offered to "move" the resolution for a vote, which prompted light applause from the back of council chambers.

"Now isn't the right time," Ducey said.

The resolution would have solicited applicants for the public sale of one license necessary to run a liquor store at a minimum bid price of $620,000. Township Administrator Scott Pezarras has said the revenue for a sale would be marked as surplus for future use.

Currently, nine plenary distribution licenses exist in the township. Population size dictates the number of licenses a municipality can issue under Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations, and the 2010 Census results allows Brick to hold 10 such licenses.

However, those Census numbers hold until the 2020 Census, meaning the township can only issue one more license until the next population count. Ducey cited that fact as a reason for not issuing a license now, although the governing body could change course and issue it at any point before the 2020 Census results are released.

"We only have one left," the council president said. "Now isn't the right time."

Charles Villano, owner of Forbes Liquors on Brick Boulevard, cheered the non-vote.

"I think you were right on the mark," he told the council members. "It was a very wise and just decision."

Opponents had expressed concern over the sale of another store license possibly hurting existing distributors in the township. Others felt the township could make more money on the sale if it was to wait a few years.

Brick Patch readers also were firmly against the measure, with the vast majority who voted in an unscientific poll registering "no" votes when asked if the township should sell the license. Seventy-one percent (227 votes) of the 319 respondents voted no, with 28 percent (92 votes) voting yes.

johnny bolobski April 12, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Guess Dan Toth thinks there are too many liquor places arounf too. See he applied to move his business to Howell. Not enough empty places in Brick or is it cheaper in Howell?
Hollowman April 12, 2012 at 07:33 PM
Jo, there is a drivethru liquor store on 571/Ridge Rd in Jackson
John C April 15, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Its the economy that decides, not just the town environment or location. If the big chains and franchises feel there is a market for their product based on the models that they use, they will open a store. If the people want any product be it pizza or chinese food or anything they will shop at a store based on convenience quality and price. If a business owner wants to move their business, they will do so based on location and cost for whatever they need ie rent. has nothing to do with some of the "ideas" stated above.
John C April 15, 2012 at 11:26 AM
Mr Toth is a distributor not a store. He sells to the stores, so your politically based attack is unjustified. Maybe he feels being closer to route 9 and 195 is better for his distribution system?
J.JONES February 18, 2014 at 10:47 AM
Something to think about how will they make up the loss of money with traffic cameras gone and now not selling liq. license who will pay for that ???


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