Latest Ocean County Health Inspections of Restaurants, Grocers

Ocean County Health Department inspections for the week

As inspections of restaurants, eateries, grocers and food suppliers are conducted, the  posts the inspection results to its website.

The list of recent inspections can be found here.

According to the county health department, an inspection could result in a Satisfactory, Conditional Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory rating.

Here is the health department's explanation of the ratings:

  • Satisfactory - Is in substantial compliance with State Health Codes.
  • Conditional Satisfactory - Needs improvement in several areas - as determined by the licensed inspector and interpretation of the State Health Codes. A time limit is set for the establishment to come into compliance and a re-inspection is done in order to assure this compliance
  • Unsatisfactory - Serious or unsafe conditions/violations of the health codes set by the State Of New Jersey.

Click here for an archive of recent inspections.

VICTOR FINAMORE May 30, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Some States Regulations -(not NJ ?) require Every Commercial + Private Food worker to take a State-approved food handlers course within 30 days of beginning work. The course intended to train,assure awareness towards food safety; In addtion to All physical Health Inspections. SB 602 requires workers to receive food safety training. •Owner+ Personal Responsibility + Liability Highly Susceptible Populations •Foodborne Illness Chemical- Biological Contamination Cross Contamination Personal Hygiene •Temperature Control FOOD HANDLER MEDICAL SCREENING: Phlebotomy,Laboratory Analysis Allergy Tests Cardiovascular Tests Diabetes Tests Drug Tests HERPIES Tests HIV Tests Parasite Checks STD Tests •Online Verification of Staff Credentials STATE - Finger Printing+Certificates + Photo ID Card ALL Cost is upon the emloyee in order to be employed. Employer pays yearly regristration fee to Township. Local Health Departments are responsible for ensuring food facilities meet their obligations under the law, including ensuring food handlers have a Valid Food Handler Card that can be provided to local enforcement officers upon request. They also have the ability to Fine the establishment $1K-$5K per day; added $500-$1000 per employee found on site working with out an ID card. After 3 or more fines,business is closed for 30days,$5K-10K restore fee. second offence with in 12 months-CLOSED. If ever enforced here; both the State+Bricktown would profit
needmore June 01, 2012 at 10:34 PM
ohhh I hope they go to that newer fruit/grocey store that opened on Brick blvd just past reto gym, its a new place & it smells like old meat & product. Top tomatoe is another one that sells old product & just returned sausage That I bought 1 day before opened it & nearly passed out from the odor. green mold strawberries in a day cold cuts that you have to use that day or the next day they are all slimey. I just stopped going. For the little saved its not worth it.


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