Former Manchester Police Chief Receives More Than $100K Pension

More than 1,200 public retirees in the state receive pensions that are more than $100,000

Former Manchester Chief of Police William Brase is just one on a list of 1,244 public employees in New Jersey a part of the so-called “100K” club, receiving more than $100,000 in pension from the state.

Brase, who  after 33 years with the department, collects $118,952 annually, according to a New Jersey Watchdog report. No other former Manchester employees made the list. 

Approximately 41 public employees out of Ocean County are collecting a total of $4,389,280; the average state pension is $107,055.61, the report states.

Last year, 1,244 former employees collected more than $100,000, according to. This number has increased by 28 percent since 2010, according to New Jersey Watchdog. 

Ocean County names on the list include:

Beverly J. Bearmore, Ocean County Board of Social Services, 130,515

Charles H. Smith, Lakewood Township, $130,301

Larry D. Parker, Stafford Township, $124,280

Richard Starodub, Lacey Township, $122,254

Gary S. Cranston, Toms River School District, $120,483

Thomas B. Conroy, Stafford Township, $119,707

William C. Brase, Manchester Township, $118,952

Douglas J. Kinney, Brick Township, $115,194

March Cowell, Pemberton Township Board of Education, $114,141

Edward Luick, Lakewood Township Board of Education, $113,642

Leslie A. Houston, Long Beach Township, $113,205

Frederick Felice, Ocean County Vocational School, $113,152

Raymond J. Hilling, Point Pleasant Borough, $112,507

Gregory McNally, Stafford Township, $111,185

Gregory Miick, Lakewood Township, $111,126

Christopher Dunton, Jackson Township, $110,800

Robert A. Cooper, Point Pleasant Borough, $109,226

David Newman, Jackson Township, $108,228

Richard S. Ferrarelli, Jackson Township, $107,889

Sheldon T. Boxer, Lakewood Township Board of Education, $107,713

Charles A. Schweigart, Stafford Township, $107,672

Vincent J. Pedalino, Toms River Township, $107,419

Robert Horbelt, Barnegat Township Board of Edcuation, $106,583

Michael T. Dorick, Toms River Township, $106,440

Mark Demareo, Plumsted Township Board of Education, $105,291

Ronald Dougard, Brick Township, $105,243

Michael P. Mooney, Lakewood Township, $104,842

Daniel J. Depolo, Point Pleasant Beach Borough, $104,570

Steven Pollock, Ocean County, $104,410

Edward C. Neill, Jackson Township, $104,033

Michael Lynch, Lakewood Township, $104,011

William A. Cardone, Toms River School District, $103,256

Sam DePasquale, Jackson Township, $103,186

Larry D. Parker, Stafford Township, $102,861

Robert Ryan, Brick Township, $102,765

Kenneth B. Flatt, Ocean Township, $102,587

Jeffrey R. Kettig, Toms River Township, $101,952

Michael K. Dennis, Lakewood Township, $101,176

Robert Ciliento, Point Pleasant Boro Board of Education, $100,789

Ronald Meinders, Stafford Township Board of Education, $100,771

Steven C. Gerding, Toms River Township, $100,214

Felicia Luburich April 06, 2012 at 04:04 PM
BS There MANY people who make MUCH less than his yearly retirement as a full time, lifetime job. It is not fair that some people hardly make enough to stay alive & others make startling amounts on retirement. It is like Wall St & the banks, BIG perks at other people's expense. NOT FAIR.
Mark Wendell April 06, 2012 at 04:32 PM
These people contributed towards their pensions, it wasnt free, NJ mishandled those funds and certin governors flat out stole from them, Thank Christine Whitman (R) for starting the mess. When the pension system was making New Jersey money no one said boo, they just stole from it. The people in the system are not the gravy train, the system itself was the gravy train for NJ. Enjoy your retirment Cheif Brase and thank you for your service to our town.
joe zaprzalka April 06, 2012 at 04:45 PM
This wasn't Newark , Trenton, or Camden, this is one reason the state is going broke and I know when it comes time to retire my 401k and social security just wont allow me to live here....eventually the chickens will come home to roost, and there will be no more pockets to reach into....
tax paying concerned citizen April 06, 2012 at 07:11 PM
My father worked for Conrail for 43 yrs. He didn't even pay into social security. He now makes a pretty pension. Does that mean he should feel guilty after busting his hump for so long? I don't think so. Yes there are people abusing the system but that does not mean every person with a pension in excess of $100k should get harassed by every person without it. I work hard every day and I don't make $100k either but I don't fault those who do. It's a matter of jealousy mainly and for those who think differently...you're ignorant.
joe zaprzalka April 06, 2012 at 08:09 PM
some one said my comments were out of jealously and ignorance, I beg to differ, when this individuals time for retirement is near, and they see they too cannot live here, they will see what I'm talking about, Do they think its fair to stockpile days and overtime to enhance their retirement... while the state is bankrupt..... and "others" just will be the have nots....again greed , and thinking of what "I" can get out of the system.... its seems like thats the American way from wall street brokers to the bankers , I still think a pension of 100.000 is excessive...I have my opinion.... you have yours, I'm sure the Chief if a very nice man.... but the abuses of our system from the school superintendants to many public jobs disgusts me...


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