Ducey: Hurricane Sandy Still "Biggest Issue Facing Brick"

Brick saw widespread flooding along its barrier island and lagoon front property Oct. 31, 2012 Hurricane Sandy.
Brick saw widespread flooding along its barrier island and lagoon front property Oct. 31, 2012 Hurricane Sandy.
Calling the process of rebuilding Brick and mitigating other impacts from Hurricane Sandy the biggest issue facing the township, Mayor John Ducey said Brick needs a subcommittee to better address its impact.

Ducey, who took the oath of office Jan. 1, said in his first 100 days of office he'd like to create a Sandy Rebuilding and Mitigation Committee to work more efficiently at addressing both residents' needs after the storm and analyzing the impact Hurricane Sandy has on Brick as a municipality.

For example, the township building department, already busy with regular permits and applications, is flooded with questions about rebuilding property applications after Hurricane Sandy. Ducey said the committee could help that.

There is also a lot of applications residents navigate as they solve problems with insurance, or grants. The committee could help streamline the process, Ducey said.

“The impacts of Sandy are still here, still very prevalent,” Ducey said. “Government has failed to help the residents, in some cases government has made things worse.”

Similarly, the impacts of Hurricane Sandy continue to be felt on township budgets, and Ducey said coming up with solutions to trim the budget after the storm took away millions in revenue and created millions in expenses will be a big priority.

With the demolition of property and decreased home values, Brick's number of ratables, which the township property tax is based, took a hit. Ducey said solving the issue long term instead of dramatically increasing property taxes to make up for lost revenue is also a Sandy-related issue.

MOONPOOL January 08, 2014 at 04:36 PM
So how will ducy cut taxes as promised in his run for office? Cut garbage??? Or lay off the police dept??? Will this committee be paid ??? The building dept. Should be handed over to the state. I am a inspector for a privet electric contractor.. The only township I have problems is in brick.. With the office people the in field inspectors are from toms river and they go above and beyond there job for people. Other towns have given the building dept to the state. And they only pay for the fees when they inspect. The mayor needs to clean house in the building dept. Bring in an outside company to run the dept. Get rid of all the dead wood from the past. I have seen three cat fights in the building dept. So mayor were are you going to cut??? Will mayor ducy be holding to his oath of office???
MOONPOOL January 08, 2014 at 04:46 PM
Mayor you could cut out traffic court since the court has no jurisdiction and you don't need a drivers license or plates to travel in the state. Your a lawyer you know that by pleading in court you have your clients give up their constitutional rights. So will you be holding to your oath of office by protecting the citizens of bricks constitutional rights??? What say yee mayor??? Or will you be protecting the lawyers pay checks???
none of yobusiness January 08, 2014 at 11:15 PM
Those jungle animals in Maple Leaf need to be dealt with.
J.JONES January 08, 2014 at 11:23 PM
@ Moonpool - Ducey priority come first full pay and benefits for part time job that he made a ststement he will be available when ever needed and hours after 5 pm that justifies the pay??Then friends in positions that he will make in all departments..Than he will try to fix problems in our town and oh yea wait for taxes to go up to cover the loss of income to our town ..
Ryan Meyers January 09, 2014 at 04:25 AM
Moonpool, Moonie, whatever screen name you go by these days, your father decided not to run to avoid embarrassment. Your time has come and gone. Today you're an electrical contractor, several years ago you claimed to be a crane operator. It's going to take Ducey more than 8 days to undue all the damage, this past group created. Enjoy your commute to Toms River.


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