Dog Canvass Planned for Lakehurst

Borough last conducted canvass for unlicensed dogs two years ago

Dog owners in Lakehurst who have not registered their furry friends should take note that the borough is set to conduct a canvass for the undocumented pets.

State law mandates that municipalities conduct such a sweep every year or every other year to identify dog owners who have not licensed their pet. Lakehurst last conducted such a canvass two years ago, according to Clerk Bernadette Dugan. 

Borough Department of Public Works employee Jason Emme "has expressed interest" in conducting the canvass and was appointed to complete the job for a fee of $500, according to a resolution approved last week by the Borough Council. 

Emme will be given a list of residents who have already registered their dog so that he will not visit those homes. During the canvass, Emme will be instructed to knock on doors throughout the borough. 

"For some reason, the dogs always give themselves away," Dugan said. 

"The names, addresses and information about the dogs is required to be reported to the municipal licensing clerk, local health department and New Jersey Department of Health," a document from that department reads.

"We also send these people reminders that they should get their dogs licensed," Dugan said. A dog owner who does not comply may be issued a summons and fined.

Licenses are required for all dogs ages six months and older and cost $8.20 for spayed or netuered dogs and $11.20 for non-spayed or non-neutered dogs, according to the borough's website. 

Nancy October 08, 2012 at 02:59 PM
People should be licensed
Kate McGinty Langley October 08, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Nancy, I have no problem with the feral cats. They have their place with keeping vermin down. I do think they should be captured, neutered and vaccinated, then released back to where they were captured. I do have a problem when they are being fed and then left to hang around my house when I have dogs, who could possibly catch and hurt or kill the cats. Feral cats won't hunt if they aren't hungry. Cats with owners should be licensed though. If the law states that my dogs must be vaccinated and licensed then so should the cats that are not 100% house cats. I can't let my dogs out on the street without a leash and if my dogs were to bite someone, I would have to have proof of vaccination etc. If I were to get bit or scratched by a cat, (and I have) what happens then? I appreciate that you are a cat lover Nancy. I like cats too. I just don't choose to own one. But without neutering feral cats they will just produce more cats that you have to feel sorry for or cringe when you see them flattened by a truck on the street.
i don't get it?? October 09, 2012 at 12:13 AM
"Pets" that are let out to run free through the neighborhood are NOT "pets"...it should not be my problem if someone's loose cat gets caught by my licensed dog in my fenced in back yard ever I HAVE to keep them...also, I'm tired of those peoples "pet" cats giving my licensed, fenced in dogs worms because they dig up MY garden to use as their litter box, and my digs step in it!! ...just sayin...
i don't get it?? October 09, 2012 at 12:14 AM
ray ray August 10, 2013 at 12:53 PM
Not surprised that out of all people Jason Emme would come up with this, the guy is a looser plain and simple. White trash smart ass that would not even have his job if it was not for his girlfriends daddy that got him the job. Uneducated and will do anything to get money no matter how. He needs to be picking up the garbage from the sides of the streets which is what he was hired to do this is what stupid people do because he has NO BRAINS!!! Not bothering innocent people that are not bothering anybody its the residents that pay this retards salary too thank God its only $8hr and he aint even worth that!


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