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Council Members, Citizens' Committee Will Probe Defeated School Budget

Council President Brian DeLuca announces who will review defeated school budget proposal

Once the Brick Board of Education reorganizes Thursday evening, members of the township council and a committee of citizens will begin combing through the defeated school budget, Council President Brian DeLuca said Tuesday.

The tax levy which would have gone to support the school district’s $136 million budget was rejected by voters on April 27, meaning the township council will get to review the proposal and, likely, make cuts to the levy. DeLuca said Tuesday he would push those reviewing the budget to recommend specific areas where cuts should be applied. Legally, however, the township council only has the power to certify a tax levy – recommendations of which areas should be cut are not binding.

“It’s a lot of hours and a lot of time,” DeLuca said, of the budget review process.

The day after the ballot proposal was defeated, DeLuca that the tax levy and, thus, the school budget, would be cut. He reiterated that point at the township council meeting Tuesday.

“A cut, indeed, we will have,” he said.

School district officials have already forwarded financial information to township officials. DeLuca said a committee made up of council members Anthony Matthews, Michael Thulen and he would represent the governing body, along with township Business Administrator Scott Pezarras.

Additionally, DeLuca said, he collected resumes of citizens interested in joining a potential committee to be formed if the budget were to fail and has chosen a number of residents who applied to act as a second set of eyes probing the spending plan. Residents Karyn Cusanelli, Nick Cusanelli, Vic Fanelli, Steve Kirby and Jim Altobello will form that committee, DeLuca said.

According to New Jersey League of Municipalities, township councils tasked with reviewing defeated budgets must choose whether to apply cuts and certify a revised tax levy by May 19.

Doug May 07, 2011 at 07:35 PM
Mickey, that I do not know. Of the people that I do know, they are not teachers.
brickmom May 07, 2011 at 10:04 PM
Doug, you need to get your facts straight and read a little more closely! Town council will do 1 of 3 things; 1. they leave the budget alone; 2. they cut a monetary amount from the budget and recommend where the cuts should be made; 3. they simply make a monetary cut to the budget. If they do indeed make a monetary cut to the budget, the BOE MUST accept the amount but does NOT have to take the recommendations as to WHERE the cuts should be applied. While, there's no MR Kight on the BOE, his wife IS there, and Mr Kight has a relationship w/ Mr DeLuca, as evidenced by their extensive chat at the back of the meeting room the other night.
Bye Bye Brick May 07, 2011 at 11:30 PM
This whole town blows. I lived here all my life, and just gets wosre and worse each year. Now that I have a young child who's entering school I'm moving. The school systems overall test scores are the worst around, and the old people in this town keep voting the school buget down each year. What do they care? ( At least they still have garbage pick up!) Would have been much cheaper in the long run to vote down the 16% tax hike and pay to have your trash picked up. They really pulled out some good scare tactics on this one, No more garbage removel and we'll have to fire 29 cops. They might as well just said they were going to cancel Jepordy and Wheel of Fortune if they didn't vote yes. Oh well, have fun reeping what you have sewed. Hopfully you old timers keep mowing each other down in parking lots all over town, in hopes this town will move foward and become a decent place to live again. bye for now
Doug May 08, 2011 at 12:02 AM
You come off as sounding bitter. Anyone that is currently on the BOE is a far cry (in the right direction) from the people that were there up until the recent voting. I know how it works and it certainly doesn't work any different for the current BOE as it did from the previous boards. Try to remember that the people voted down the school budget, so what takes place now is no different the previous defeats.
Mark Story Jenks May 09, 2011 at 12:35 PM
Be carefull what you hope for. You're ageing too.


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