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Cleanup, Recovery Measures Continue in Brick

New measure allows maintenance on private property in an emergency

The cleanup from Superstorm Sandy continues in Brick as the township council passed two measures this week related to the ongoing efforts.

The council passed a resolution which will allow the township or its contractors to go onto private property to remove hazardous debris, in the event of an emergency or if the debris could be hazardous to public health.

The decision stems from a December letter from Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa which states municipalities have the power to go onto private property when it "is necessary for the public welfare, or to protect the public from ill health or disease," or in an emergency situation where the property owner is not available to sign documentation allowing access.

Business Administrator Scott Pezarras said, generally speaking, in the rare event that the resolution would have to be used, a contractor would remove whatever hazardous substance came into play.

The township would be reimbursed at the current FEMA rate for money expended. That rate is 75 percent, however some expect it to be increased to 90 percent. Gov. Chris Christie has requested a 100 percent reimbursement rate.

The council also passed, on first reading, an ordinance allocating $250,000 for repairs to township infrastructure damaged in the storm, as well as generators and the survey and assessment of repairs needed for township parks. The expenditure also covers repairs needed at the Route 35 Brick Police Department substation.

The money will be allocated from the township's capital surplus fund.

Finally, township officials are advising residents that the township requires the removal of doors and contents from all refrigerators and freezers before disposal and placement at the curb for bulk pick-up.

No refrigerator or freezer will be removed if the doors are still attached or if contents remain inside. On Friday, code inspectors will begin issuing summonses for violations.

KC January 11, 2013 at 05:20 AM
I am glad to see this service being done. In my own development we have two homes that need this.


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