Christie's Endless Summer Tour Sails Into LBI

Governor blasts Dems on taxes but tip toes around the question of municipal consolidation.

Governor Chris Christie brought his Endless Summer Tour for Tax Reform to Long Beach Island on Thursday.

He spoke to an overflow crowd that filled the pavilion and lined the boardwalks on either side of Bayview Park in Long Beach Township’s Brant Beach section.

Christie began his commentary outlining the bipartisanship in Trenton that had accomplished items like tenure reform and scaling down the size of government.

But he quickly went back into attack mode on the “Corizine Democrats” when it came to tax reform.

 “The Democrats need to come off the beach, just for one day, and pass the tax cut,” he said.

Christie also took a swipe at fellow conservative Bill O'Reilly, who has chided him for not passing Jessica's Law that would further punish sex offenders.

“Bill O’Reilly is crazy,“ he said, adding that he would approve a Jessica's Law bill if proposed.

"If they send it I will sign it," he said. "O’Reilly needs to open his ears and listen.”

Christie said taxes are one of the main reasons people and businesses are leaving the state for the surrounding states of New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware where taxes are lower.

“When you have a choice between paying around 3 percent as opposed to 9 percent here in New Jersey, where are you going to choose to live or work?” he said.

During the question and answer session following his call for tax cuts, the governor fielded questions on a variety of topics including some local issues such as beach replenishment vs. eminent domain, developing an aquaculture economy in Barnegat Bay and the contentious issue of consolidation.

Thomas A. Blasi August 05, 2012 at 05:09 PM
Also, I would rather speculate that the owners of that ‘two million dollar home’ in Loveladies are renting it out because times are hard and they can’t afford to reside in their own home, therefore they are relegated to renting to strangers to subsidize their income or sell their Mc mansion at a considerable loss as a result of the bad economy.
Sal Sorce August 05, 2012 at 06:20 PM
For many years of owning a home on LBI I was always concerned over the perpetual home rentals ... believe it's a "commercial enterprise"that under-minds all those who own residential homes. Townships should consider passing an resolution and ordinance that allows for a permit at a cost for those who rent on a regular basis ... face it how is such a condition not come under a business commercial enterprise? In this way, townships can allow for those who rent and often bring large number of family members and more into town. Face it the "millionaires" as they are refer to by Stafford and area mainland residents are taxed enough for homes that often are used during summer seasons ... love Surf City ... Len Connors a God sent mayor with a great council of folks who believe in small government ... just keep away from the Long Beach Township Mancini's once considering consolation it would be dumb and fool hearty to even budge on that action ... we are a fine small town in control of debt (very low and in control vs other area towns). Did you hear Christie's back home? Did he take a vacation leave? Or is the time on OUR DOLLAR (notice I did not say dime?). How they all run around on the public's money. "endless summer" endless job come November 6, 2012?
John B Taxpayer August 05, 2012 at 06:41 PM
Thomas A. Blasi August 05, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Yep, just read it in the Press, our illustrious, ‘charismatic’ governor is off again, this time he’ll be cavorting in California tooting his horn to bring in big bucks for the Republican Party to elect Romney. Meanwhile at home here in NJ the unemployment rate rises along with tolls and taxes. Not only is this man constantly AWL from the Statehouse but we the taxpayers are footing the bills. If you, for example took time off from your job to go on interviews & make arrangements for your next job, how long would your employer keep you on his payroll? Come next election, I believe it is time to terminate Christie from New Jersey Inc.
Sal Sorce August 05, 2012 at 09:21 PM
YOU are one of the major Block Team supporters that have ruined this town ... what's with the front gate? How is your stable and air breathing health issues these days ... got plenty of wind to comment on our mission? township folks exactly like YOU cost Stafford big money to satisfy YOUR office/air breathing conditions ... heard YOU don't pay any property taxes either... folks who do not pay any property taxes, live off a very comfortable township and the rest of the many seniors just hanging on ... YOUR big pension plus ... you should be running out of town with the manner you used to help Carl Block by exposing John Spodofora ... what's with all the years you supported John plus ... it's people like you who worked with The Block Team got very nice with your township job ... were you qualified for that job or what ??? Folks like you have not the stomach for voting ... in this township ... Wealthy but taken by a town who is bleeding thousands of seniors with their antics ... PEOPLE LIKE YOU WERE AND STILL ARE THE PROBLEM ... GET A LIFE ... GIDDY YUP ... MS. WARREN GROVE ... GIDDY YUP WHINNNNY EEEE Enjoy cleaning up your horses dung??? Interesting Manure, noun animal or horse dung used for fertilizing land, just like our comments.


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