Christie: 'Quack Doctors' Won't Prescribe Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Governor has not decided whether to ease medical marijuana access for minors

Gov. Chris Christie, in Seaside Park, addresses medical marijuana policies in New Jersey. (Video: Daniel Nee)
Gov. Chris Christie, in Seaside Park, addresses medical marijuana policies in New Jersey. (Video: Daniel Nee)
If there's one thing Gov. Chris Christie is sure about, it's this: New Jersey's marijuana policies will not become like Colorado's or California's.

Christie said Tuesday that he would never sign a bill legalizing marijuana in New Jersey, nor would he lessen restrictions on medical marijuana – which is legal in the Garden State – to the point where access to the substance is as easy to obtain as in states such as California.

"I am not going to turn this into a place where people fly into Newark airport, drive someplace, claim to have a migraine from a quack doctor and get high," said Christie, at an unrelated event in Seaside Park. "That's not happening in our state. That's happening, by the way, every day in Colorado and California, and I'm not going to permit it in this state, not as a former federal prosecutor."

Christie did not say whether or not he would sign a bill which is currently on his desk that would make medical marijuana more accessible to children.

Under the state's current medical marijuana law, access is permitted to children with the consent of three medical doctors. The pending law would change that policy to require just one physician to consent.

"As for children, I'm very reluctant," Christie said. "I've said this before. I'm very reluctant to go down this slope."

"If folks can't get physicians to sign off on this, then that tells me something."

Christie said medical marijuana usage should be used "as a last resort, not as a first resort" for patients.

He said his counsel's office is currently reviewing S-2842, the bill which would lessen the three-physician restriction for children, and that he would make a decision at a later date.
Elaine July 08, 2013 at 06:16 PM
I don't even smoke the stuff, but doesn't he see the irony in this? Christie would rather have people use addictive, dangerous narcotics as a first resort and a plant as a last resort?
Bob Spez July 13, 2013 at 03:40 PM
As of June, 2013 only 140 people in total had gotten access to medical marijuana in NJ. This is in a program that was passed by the electorate in 2010. It's obvious that Christie has basically prevented this law from being implemented properly. More than 140 people a night can buy marijauna in any neighborhood in NJ. It's only a $500 fine to possess an ounce. Christie is single handedly keeping the drug dealers in business.


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