Changes Ordered for Dam Replacement Project

Township council approved contract change last week

Ongoing construction to replace the Rainbow Lake Dam in Brick's Lake Riviera section will be changed slightly.

The change should not make the project any more or less expensive, however, officials said.

The township council approved a change order modifying its contract with Marlin Construction Services, the company doing the work on the dam, which was ordered to be replaced by the state. The original construction plan called for a pipe to slip-lined, but after inspection by the state Department of Environmental Protection, it was determined that the project required a new pipe to be installed.

The pipe that was to be slip-lined originally wasn't a contiguous length of piping, said Business Administrator Scott Pezarras, which led to the DEP's decision.

The change order calls for the contract with Marlin to be increased by $85,706, though the overall cost of the project should remain about the same, Pezarras said.

Replacing the entire pipe, he said, means other aspects of the project will not be required.

"We should be fairly close to the original contract price," said Pezarras.

The project, in all, totals $1,597,370 including the extra money approved last week, with Brick funding half of the total cost and the state funding the other.

Pezarras has said that after major floods hit the state about seven years ago, a study was ordered to be completed on all of the state's dams, and earthened dams were generally ordered replaced.

The Brick project includes the replacement of the Lake Riviera dam in addition to the Rainbow Lake dam.

BoomBoom13 June 21, 2012 at 11:18 AM
Will the water in the lake stay at the level it always has or is it going to change to a lower level, like it is now?
DT June 21, 2012 at 07:55 PM
What about installing some kind of hydro electric generators? Just a thought


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