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Brick Council Set to Pick New BTMUA Commissioner Tuesday

New commissioner will replace Joseph Veni, who resigned in the wake of an e-mail scandal

Joseph Veni (Photo: BTMUA)
Joseph Veni (Photo: BTMUA)
The Brick Township Council will vote Tuesday to appoint a new commissioner to the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, according to a meeting agenda published by the township.

The new commissioner being considered, whose name was not published along with the meeting agenda, will replace Joseph Veni, who resigned in the wake of a scandal involving alleged explicit e-mails he sent from a county-owned computer.

Though technically nonpartisan, the BTMUA commissioners are often aligned with township Republicans or Democrats. Veni, who was aligned with the Republicans, also lost out on at least $150,000 in county consulting contracts after the story broke. His use of a county computer was part of his consulting contracts with the county, officials have said.

The e-mails had been sought under an Open Public Records Act request filed by the Asbury Park Press in the wake of Veni being referenced in a lawsuit that names Freeholder Director Joseph Vicari. According to the Press report, Veni was accused in the lawsuit of holding conversations with an employee over his sexual preferences and once forcing a kiss on a female employee after biting off half of a cookie she was eating.

The person who is selected by the current, all-Democrat township council will serve out the remainder of Veni's term, which ends Jan. 31, 2015.

Because of BTMUA policies, the new commissioner will be eligible for taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits and a stipend, though the Democratic majority on council has, thus far, had an informal policy of appointing commissioners who chose not to take the health benefits.
Not So Dumb June 10, 2014 at 11:23 AM
Offer me the job, I won't take medical benefits because I'm a disabled Veteran and I get my medical benefits from the VA and I'll accept $15.00 an hour since I don't have any dependents. Now, I collect social security and I own a Jeep that is bought and paid for. I'm not a Republican and I vote in every election, although I think I only voted for 2 Republicans in my entire life, one because he was a charter member of my VFW Post and always got us a county bus to go up to the VA home to bring Vets in for a day of bingo and dinner and the other was the Republican who officiated at my sons wedding (not in Ocean County). Hmmm, what does a commissioner of the water company do? Does he read water meters, does he drive one of those expensive pickup trucks with municipal plates, does he plow the pang lots in the winter, does he fix the flats on the trucks, does he go to Atlantic City for the league of municipalities (well maybe that) with his municipal pick-up. I mean what does he really do. After all don't we pay auditors and accounts to make sure we have enough money to send and lawyers to make sure the water company is robbing everyone legally. No wait since my term will only expire in 2015, maybe I should as for $16.00 and hour so I can pad my retirement fund. Give me a break stop fleecing the taxpayers and stop covering your asses.
Mrgrumpass June 10, 2014 at 11:26 AM
Why not give the position to Brando?? LMAO
J.JONES June 10, 2014 at 01:59 PM
Is there really a need to elect a new commissioner ??
Andy Pat June 10, 2014 at 04:02 PM
Commissioners at MUA are NEVER elected. They are APPOINTED. By the council. This is why Authorities collectively are known as the Shadow Government. There is NO direct connection between the end users (rate paying water users in this case) and those managing the $35 million budget (the commissioners). This setup greatly reduces the accountability of the commissioners to the public they serve. If you do not like your taxes you get to vote against those in budget management positions (your mayor and council). Against whom do you vote if you do not like the budget management at the MUA?
Brick June 11, 2014 at 07:46 PM
Sleaze ball


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