Brick Banks $400K in Snow Plow Funds in Time for 2014's First Storm

$757,000 in Brick's "snow trust" account

One of the last items on the 2013 Brick Township Council agenda was banking unused money for snow plowing operations into the town's "snow trust."

Brick Township Business Administrator Scott Pezarras said as is sometimes the case at the end of each year, the township will "bank" it's unspent snow budget into a fund, should it be needed for a catastrophic snow storm.

Pezarras said that $400,000 of unused snow removal money will be banked into the so-called snow trust. The total amount in the fund is now $757,000, Pezarras said.

The bank is a tactic many towns use to help prepare for major snow events or years where lots of snow days means more spending. Late 2013 proved light in the amount of snow operations, Pezarras said, allowing Brick to bank a significant portion of its budgeted snow removal money.

"Just in time for the first 2014 snow storm," Pezarras said to groans from the audience at the Dec. 31 township council meeting. "Let's hope it's not that bad though."

The snow fund was completely exhausted when a 2010 Christmas blizzard became a budgetary emergency in early 2011, Pezarras said.

Ryan Meyers January 03, 2014 at 07:43 AM
Who can forget that 34 inch snow storm, that just lingered over Brick !


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