Brick Administration Plans 'Sandy Information Fairs'

Sessions will take place Jan. 12, officials say

Brick Township Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis has announced a number of "Sandy Information Fairs" his administration is organizing next weekend.

The information sessions, which will include presentations from FEMA and township officials, will take place Saturday, Jan. 12 at Brick Township High School.

"Due to extremely high demand, it is essential that only Brick Township residents who experienced property damage and have questions for FEMA and township officials about the rebuilding process attend this information fair," the township said in a news release. "This event is not for trade professionals, a separate opportunity will be arranged for those individuals and companies to get information."

Acropolis said he arranged for "knowledgeable FEMA representatives to be on hand Saturday to address frequently asked questions, dispel misinformation and arm residents with the information they need to move forward with the rebuilding process."

Brick residents who find it necessary to attend the information session should send an email to: sandyinfofair@twp.brick.nj.us.

Residents are asked to include in that email their name, home address, telephone number and email address. They must also include, in order of preference, which one hour session they prefer to attend: 8 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m., or 11 a.m.

Township officials said they will work to accommodate as many people as possible, and will work to hold additional information sessions if necessary.

Jo Amesco January 08, 2013 at 12:23 AM
jaime - I have read this last week - I agree !! your going to see it,, if people cant afford their mortgage, Their property Taxes - their insurance - they will be forced to walk away from their homes.. These are facts,, The had all these great concerts - where did all that money go..? every person in this town got hit - from the home owner who lost their home, to the local resident trying to get by - lost 2-4 weeks of income now behind, to the renter who will soon see their rent go up$150 - 250 each month.. everyone got hurt... The link is real...
Jo Amesco January 08, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Anthony - I don't want to say this -.please- take this openly, your alive,- you may have to just walk away. you have an income, every week - you have something comming in,, save that money, that may become valued elsewhere. there are many properties just a few mile away from brick starting (over 50 - $30K 1-2 bed) small houses $120K... low taxes,, it's a start, it's 4 walls to begin again at a later time, but for now, you have you and a new chance... just an idea,, Anthony - I am sorry for your loss, your efforts, your pain and emotional stress that you've gone through these past 2-3 months,, and to come back to a lot - to see what you see everyday.. Myself and I'm sure many readers out there feel for you.. again - my apology to you, your family those around you. !!!!!!! peace be with you.
Dawn Marie White January 08, 2013 at 04:45 AM
FYI - If you had damage and can not afford to repair or raise your home to the required elevations you have until January 31 2013 to apply for a low interest loan @ 1.688% through the small business administration. You can apply for up to $220,000 for renovations and $40,000 for contents. THIS IS NOT FOR BUSINESSES.... IT IS FOR RESIDENTIAL HOMEOWNERS. FEMA suggests that EVERYONE APPLY for the loan. You have 18 months to decide if you want to use the loan or not, but if you do not apply by January 31, 2013 you are out of luck. If you do not know how to go about starting the process. FEMA has set up a specific location especially for this process. The Ocean County SBA Recovery Center is located at The Southern Ocean County Chamber Of Commerce Office Located at the Stafford Heritage Park Train Station across from Manahawkin Lake between RT9 and RT 72.. There are FEMA Loan specialists there who will help you fill out the application. You can not get this rate at a bank and you do not have to take the loan but if you apply by January 31, 2013 you have 18 months to decide if you need it or not. There is also another location at Brookdale Community College 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft in The Bankier Library (ROOM 246) Take Note The DRC (Disaster Recovery Center located in Civic Plaza is not a loan recovery center. They will direct you to the Manahawkin location.....
Jo Amesco January 08, 2013 at 03:54 PM
A Loan - who wants a loan? - if your on a fixed income - you cant afford any loans, if you have bad credit - under a 720 FICO, making less than $42,000.00 with $10,000 in a bank - you won't be approved. They will advise you to try other options or see what grant funding is available - you just have to apply - Another 4 months of run around. But wait - try it yourself and get back to me .. see for yourself how long this will take.. if your on a fixed income, - taxes are $400 a month,utilities are another $400 a month, Auto insurance $120 a month, food + misc $400 a month + Medicare parts A+B+C+D+ Supplimnet another $1250.00.. thats about $2600.00 per month this year,, What happen when you add the Property tax increase ?? another 250 a month ? X 12 months + the loan amount - maybe you don't understand - what the Term - Fixed INCOME means.. if your a retiree or someone stuck in their job - they - He or She does not have the means to produce any extra monty.? How can they barrow - what they can not pay back..? other than taking the money - then file Bankruptcy.. after.
JB January 08, 2013 at 07:12 PM
You might as well just leave town now. You and your comments are part of the reason that there is so much misinformation going around.


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