Ritacco Sentencing Now Scheduled for September

Original sentencing was scheduled for July.

Awaiting punishment after pleading guilty to mail fraud and conspiracy, former Superintendent Michael Ritacco has a new sentencing date, now rescheduled for Sept. 14.

The sentencing of the former Toms River Regional was originally scheduled for July 12, before U.S. District Court Judge Joel A. Pisano in Trenton. But, in June, it was postponed.

Now Pisano is scheduled to sentence Ritacco at a 10 a.m. Sept. 14 in Trenton federal court. The new sentencing date was made Aug. 8, according to court documents. The Sept. 14 sentencing will be in Courtroom 1.

Ritacco pleaded guity April 5 to two of the 27 charges he was facing, and admitted his role in years of corruption at the school district, where as much as $2.5 million in bribes were allegedly passed between Ritacco, insurance brokers and intermediaries.

He pleaded guilty to mail fraud and conspiracy to impede the IRS. Ritacco could face 11 to 14 years jail time, according to sentencing guidelines.

As part of the plea Ritacco will forfeit $1 million dollars, his 2010 Mercedes e550, and $8,960 from his home found as part of an FBI raid.

careless fills September 14, 2012 at 11:28 AM
even if sentenced, don't expect ritacco to go to jail immediately - in federal courts, the convicted often have a month or so to report to the pen
Donna Griffin September 14, 2012 at 11:55 AM
I would hazard to guess that the 2.5 million was factored into the district's premium payments. I doubt highly that Gartland went into his own personal stash of cash to grease Ritacco's palms. Let's face it...the taxpayer was absolutely impacted in this little scheme.
Seriously? September 14, 2012 at 12:18 PM
@Justin -- you just exposed the reason why you are so pro-Ritacco: you have a family member working for the district. Well, pal, Ritacco's gone, so you don't have to march lock-step to the party line anymore. Your family member's job is safe. By the way -- my school taxes have NEVER gone down in the 20+ years I've lived in this town, nor were they ever that "low", as you said. It was all district propaganda aimed at stupid taxpayers who were blinded by all the bling brought in by Mike under the guise of being "for the kids". Yeah right -- it was all for Mike. The kids had nothing to do with it.
1stcav September 14, 2012 at 01:25 PM
And...he said: I never heard of Mike ????? Didn't know him @ ALL !!!! Move on ???
grace September 14, 2012 at 05:13 PM
he will be going to sunny north carolina or somewhere like that...probably even have a golf course


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