Teammates, Coach 'Shocked' by Wrestler's Alleged Wild Manasquan Carjacking Ride

20-year-old was arrested last week after he allegedly stole a golf cart, assaulted members of the Manasquan Beach Patrol, broke into a home, and punched its 72-year-old owner, police said.

Lukas Iorio/Gettysburg College website.
Lukas Iorio/Gettysburg College website.

His former coach and teammates on the state champion Bergen Catholic wrestling team say they are surprised by the recent legal issues a Ridgefield Park 20-year-old is now facing.

Last week, Lukas Iorio was allegedly involved in a string of wild behaviors at a Manasquan beach that got him arrested and charged with carjacking, burglary, resisting arrest, assault by auto, and criminal mischief, police said. The Gettysburg College student is accused of, among other things, stealing a golf cart-type vehicle, hitting a pedestrian, and breaking into a home near the beach, police said. 

According to a NorthJersey.com report, Dave Bell, Iorio’s former Bergen Catholic wrestling coach, said the wrestler was feeling “remorseful” and “concerned about his future.” Bell also told the paper the arrest was a “shock” to him.

Several of Iorio’s former teammates also said they were surprised to learn of the charges, and speculated that he likely “just got caught up in a bad situation,” NorthJersey.com reported.

Cops said that Iorio approached two members of the Manasquan Beach Patrol on May 25, jumped feet first into their cart, kicked out its plastic windshield, assaulted both patrolmen and kicked them out of the cart. When driving the cart after that, police said Iorio struck a 49-year-old pedestrian and crashed into a gazebo.

Police also said that Iorio attempted to steal a bicycle, punched a man who offered to help him, broke into a nearby home through the unlocked back door, confronted the homeowners, and, during the confrontation, repeatedly punched a 72-year-old resident in the face and head. 

NorthJersey.com reported that Iorio wrestled for Gettysburg until this February, but is no longer listed as a member of the school’s wrestling team. Representatives of the school declined to say why he was no longer on the team, but did say that they will “take appropriate action in a timely manner” in regard to the charges against him, the report said. 

Iorio is out of jail on $341,000 bail, and is scheduled to appear in Manasquan municipal court Wednesday.

Av June 02, 2014 at 08:41 PM
Lock the dummy, he spent to much time licking the mat
tom June 03, 2014 at 09:06 AM
Remorseful that he got caught.....Concerned about his future?? What about the guy he ran over/hit with the golf cart??? What about the 72 year old man he repeatedly punched in the head?? Any concern about him??? NOPE!!! Only worried about his own punk a$$....Sounds like they make the charges stick and put him away..... Teach a lesson here. You f&^k up, you pay.
jerry moore June 03, 2014 at 12:03 PM
Once again, just give this a$$wipe serious prison time, this he deserves...Beating a 72 year old man! Yeah you're a real upstanding citizen, quit giving him all of this publicity, he is probably licking it up, plain & simple he's a dangerous criminal treat him that way. BTW this 'alleged' assault, were the victims allegedly treated for injuries, or were they really injured? Let's allegedly pretend like we give a rats a$$ about this useless piece of crap.
Dame Bridgid June 03, 2014 at 12:47 PM
Awww! The poor little sports star hasn't been part of his college wrestling team since February... Looks like this big fish in a small local pond got into that big lake of life, and found out he was only a minnow! I dislike that, 'blame someone else for your own actions attitude' coming from his teammates. "Just got caught up in a bad situation" Really??? This self absorbed jock CAUSED this bad situation, injuring several innocent people, and these school sycophants want to make excuses for him! No excuses...Don't even try!
Av June 03, 2014 at 04:28 PM
He likes to lick the mat and his jock


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