Doyle DWI Trial Postponed

No new date has been set

The trial of a former township employee charged with driving while intoxicated after a skateboarder with his vehicle has been postponed.

Patrick Doyle had been scheduled to appear in Brick Township Municipal Court on Wednesday, but that appearance was delayed.

After his attorney, William Cunningham, asked for a sidebar in the judge's chambers, Municipal Court Judge Daniel Sahin announced the case would be adjourned to a future date.

Sahin, who was filling in for Judge Robert Lepore, said in court that the adjournment was due to questions over blood evidence in the DWI case. An evidentiary hearing will be conducted to address the defense's questions.

The case stems from a May 11, 2011 accident where Doyle's vehicle struck and killed Anthony Briffa, a 19-year-old Brick resident who was riding a skateboard.

Doyle was a few weeks later. He is in the case, presumably after a grand jury failed to indict him.

Tired August 16, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Bill Cunningham is a stand up guy, who doesn't deserve a comment like that!! If you knew him which you obviously do not, you would never make that statement!!
BrickResident August 17, 2012 at 01:26 PM
I see and speak to Anthony's mother every single week and week after week she cries her heart out not only over the absolute anguish of losing her son but that nothing is being done. And Patty writes her a letter?? For what?? He's disgusting, his behavior has not changed and the eventually he will meet his maker and that will be the time no "position" ANYWHERE is going to save him..
Midget August 17, 2012 at 02:45 PM
Let me tell you something... I have a family member who was killed in an auto accident in NH by a 19 year old (he also severely injured his passenger) was speeding not on drugs, not drinking, he lost control of his vehicle and killed the family member in the middle of the day while he was on a business trip not one of our family members lives in the town where he was killed, at least NH was swift the young man is doing 7 years in prison, 10 years parole and 10 years loss of driving privileges. They didn't make us as a family suffer as long as the Briffa's have been waiting for this man to come to justice I am appalled at the way this case is being handle in this county and this town. My heart goes out to the Briffa family every time I see an article like this. It doesn't matter what type of person Patrick Doyle is he is a man who committed a crime. He should be brought to justice and properly punished for his actions.
Jennifer August 17, 2012 at 11:47 PM
I guess as long as your lawyer is a former prosecutor with strong ties to the prosecutor's office, you too can get a get out of jail card!!!
Jennifer August 19, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Brick resident 17. Unfortunately I am extremely familiar with the process as I have a family member doing serious prison time for vehicular homicide. If they feel the victim will become or already is a fatality they go for the higher reading blood test. My particular situation, my LO was underthe limit and had no prior offenses, driving or otherwise,and is serving 6 years in state prison! With everything this guy was supposed to have done HOW was an indictment NOT handed down? I'm telling you with a recent,former prosecutor, ( who viciously prosecuted these exact cases)he was given a card NONE of us would have gotten!


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