Brick Police Launch Anonymous Online Tip Service

Anonymous tips can be submitted by web or smartphone

Have a tip for the Brick police?

You can now submit tips anonymously over the Internet, township officials have announced.

Tip411, now live on the township's website, is an internet-based tool that enables citizens to submit tips to the police department anonymously over the internet or through a smart phone app that is available for free. According to local officials, Tip411 technology removes all identifying information before the police department sees it so there is no way to identify the sender.

“Tip411 is one more resource in the department’s commitment to use technology to increase our effectiveness. It will become an integral component of our community policing efforts which include our use of Facebook and Twitter,” said Chief Nils Bergquist, in a statement. “Our goal with these technologies is to make Brick Township safer by strengthening our relationship with our citizens through improved communication, awareness and participation.”

Tip411 was created exclusively for public safety agencies by CitizenObserver, a St. Paul, Minnesota based company, in 2000. The company has since expanded its reach to law enforcement agencies in 40 states.

Officials hope the system's anonymity will spur more tips to the police department.

“The eyes of the citizens are an invaluable resource for our police," said Mayor John Ducey. "Unfortunately, many citizens are reluctant to report matters for fear of retribution or other concerns. This new tool allows them to report their safety concerns completely anonymously.”

The link is located on www.bricktownship.net/departments/public-safety. Citizens can also submit tips via a link on the Brick Township Police Department Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/brickpolicepio.

Citizens can also download the BrickPD app for free at the App Store for iPhones and iPads and the Google Play store for Android phones.

Just saying February 06, 2014 at 04:33 PM
Funny how this article made it on the BRICK PATCH yesterday when the Lakewood school and app both informed us Tuesday !! Come on patch you guys use to be better than that !! Dan Nee enlighten us readers on what is the problems are with the patch ??
Just saying February 06, 2014 at 04:34 PM
Sorry Lakewood scoop
Melinda Murray February 07, 2014 at 03:22 PM
Will they listen better from this service? I doubt it. CHERRY QUAY ROAD GUYS YOU HAVE THE ADDRESS. You know, the guy the county uses as a fisher. The one who is a convicted child molester. But before Megan's law. The one Gov. Florio let go with the rest of the model prisoners' when jails were overcrowded. You know who I'm talking about the dealer whose wife calls herself mama _ _ _ to all the young junkies. When the kids try to get clean MAma _ _ _ calls them and says "help mama _ _ _ out." Asking for their Suboxone. The dealer whose handler heads him up when the local police move in on him. The dealer who sent a junkie by my house to inadvertently threaten my 11 year old child. Remember guys? Yeah that's him. The one who had 5 junkies sitting at my kids bus stop this fall. Although he's never there. This came from other middle school age kids. And why, all because I was tired of watching my family and so many others be torn apart by this one street urchin and his street urchin wife. Because I went to the county police and local and state. So did many others. I have letters dating back five years from parents,sisters, brothers, young ones in jail that got their life as an addict started with these people. I would like to see BPD be on the forefront of cleaning up this town. Come on officers. Take the town back. I know there are laws, and there are loopholes and the judges don't give out hard enough penalties. Just make them so uncomfortable they won't want to be here. Cherry Quay Roads a good start. Just a side note,the owner of this house knows he is renting to a heroin dealer. I told him twice once in writing.
jerseytomato March 02, 2014 at 01:23 PM
Melinda - contact the Ocean County Prosecutors Office. They are the lead law enforcement agency. Good luck!
Melinda Murray March 07, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Thamks. But I have. The countu says that they are there to support our toen. But we need to adk for the help. They have the gunfs to send DARE officets to furthet classrs.So that they may go into our midfle schools and high schools. But our police chief has yo adk for it.


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