Brick Landscaper Slapped With Fine

Brick business fined as part of sweep of unregistered and non-compliant home improvement contractors

A Brick business was among 44 statewide that were fined for being unregistered or otherwise non-compliant with state law, official said.

The fines were levied to the scofflaw contractors after an investigation took place, based on complaints and referrals by consumers from across New Jersey, said Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa.

Ray Alsing Landscaping was the only Brick business to make the list. The company was not registered with the state, as mandated by law.

The state's Contractors' Registration Act requires home improvement contractors to register with the state and obtain a registration number that begins 13VH," according to a statement released by Chiesa's office.  To register, a home improvement contractor must provide proof of liability insurance, disclose a legitimate business address, and provide other information about the business. Contractors must display the registration number on all contracts, advertisements, and commercial vehicles as a reference for consumers.

The landscaping business was fined $4,500. Chiesa's office also referred a customer complaint to its Alternative Dispute Resolution Unit for arbitration.

The Brick business was one of two in Ocean County to be cited in the sweep. K&C Landscaping in Bayville also received a $4,500 fine for failing to register with the state.

J.JONES July 25, 2012 at 02:32 AM
JUST CHECK ALL :Painters,construction co. ,landscapers masons etc..get my point and you will fine all helpers are illegal ..So get rid of them and we would give legals jobs that are unemployed...
Claudia Gonzalez July 25, 2012 at 04:11 AM
What a friggin joke!!
DT July 25, 2012 at 06:52 PM
I would venture to say that the reason that most people get "screwed" is their general lack of construction knowledge. Some people just dont know. Compound this with people typically accepting the lowest bid. And bam ! You get a crappy roof or siding job that leaks or blows off. Classic example, my grandpa lives in one of those retirement communities. There are a couple of different roofers. One guys comes looks professional and prepares a quality looking estimate package. However his price is about 800 bucks more then the next guys who shows up and looks more attractive with the lower bid. My grandpa picked the more expensive guy. Lucky for him, he has had no problems whats so ever. Sorry I cant say the same for his two neighbors who both when with the cheeper guy, they both got leaks shortly after. Funny thing is... this crook has the gall to come in and tell this poor old people that its not the roof is something else, and charges them some more money. By the way that extra work still didnt stop the problem. Bottom line, if all contractors generally pay the same amount for materials, how can one guy come in with his bid for hundreds less?? Easy one here folks... inexperienced labor. So keep picking the guy with the lowest bid, and there will always be people who are getting screwed.
ParentM August 06, 2012 at 12:04 PM
Reading the comment sections here always amazes me. The fact that people are commenting on matters that they are actually so ignorant to. The comments are all based on a biased personal experience. All comments aside. It is a good idea that Home Improvement contractors be registered. (although, socialized idea). BUT....Have any of you who comment here, considered the contractors troubles in maintaining his/her business? Especially in this economy? Do any of you realized what the Liability requirements are for Home Improvement Contractors?? The state requires a minimum amount of liability. This policy can cost a reputable contractor a minimum of $40,000.00 a year! MINIMUM. That's about $3,350.00 a month. Which is about $850.00 a week. That is the first bill to get paid or your busines gets shut down. Right? Some of you may think, "well, if you want to be a businiss owner then thats part of the package you take.". Ok. That's a point. BUT, that money has to come from somewhere. How many of you can take $800.00 a week off of the top of your income?
ParentM August 06, 2012 at 12:14 PM
So, when you, as a homeowner, want to do home improvements. Consider this, while you're searching for the "lowest bid". REFERENCES are the most important things to consider. You truly do "GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". By the time the contractor has paid liability insurance, supplies, materials, fuels, auto insurance, labor, payroll taxes and taxes,(city, state, and feds), how much do you think is left? Don't forget maintainence on equipment. And for those of you who think that any legitamate contractor is paying any laborer "below wages", or "low wages"? You need to go talk to these laborers. They don't work for cheap. An experienced, talented mechanic is working at a VERY competetive wage. The homeowner who is choosing to go with the lowest bidder is contributing to the rising of illegitamate contractors, or "scabs" as some would say.


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