Bicyclist Dies After Collision With Tractor-Trailer on Rt. 88

Point Pleasant man's name is being withheld for now

A 48-year-old Point Pleasant man was killed in Brick Wednesday morning after his bicycle collided with a tractor-trailer on Route 88, police said.

The crash occurred at 8:58 a.m. near the intersection of Route 88 and Coolidge Drive, across from Midstreams Road, leaving the state highway and some adjacent streets closed for about four hours.

The victim's name was not released pending notification of next-of-kin, police said.

Sgt. David Bedrosian said the tractor-trailer had been stopped for the red traffic light on Route 88 westbound at the intersection with Coolidge Drive. The bicyclist, he said, was also traveling westbound on the right edge of the roadway.

As the traffic light turned green for westbound traffic, the tractor-trailer began to make a right turn onto Coolidge, Bedrosian said. As the tractor trailer maneuvered its turn, the bicyclist continued westbound on the edge of the roadway, and the two collided.

The bicyclist initially made contact with the right side cab area of the tractor trailer, Bedrosian said. That impact resulted in the bicyclist being knocked down onto the roadway, and then being struck by the trailer’s right rear wheels.

The driver of the tractor trailer, James J. Southrey, 47, of Sewwll, along with an unidentified firefighter immediately began to administer CPR to the struck bicyclist. Core Care, a passing private ambulance service, also rendered assistance and began treating the bicyclist until other medical services arrived on scene, Bedrosian said.

Brick Police EMS as well as MONOC paramedics also responded to take the bicyclist to Ocean Medical Center. He was pronounced dead upon arrival there.

The crash is stil under investigation, though police said the bicyclist was not wearing a helmet.

Brick Township Police officers Brenden Barnes and Glenn Turner were the initial responding officers to the scene, Bedrosian said. Officer Jay Lampiasi and Officer Scott Dierking of the Traffic Safety Unit responded and are conducting the investigation.

Detective David Margentino and Michael Proto of the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Vehicular Homicide Unit also responded, in addition to detectives Michael Senger and Anthony Giardina from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigation Unit. The New Jersey State Police Commercial Carrier South Inspection Unit also responded to assist with the investigation.

Tony August 17, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Vinod, Yes, Sandy and Suresh are the same person. He was a friend of mine through the gas station and through church. If you have any questions about the accident, the Brick Police Department in Brick, NJ can help you. Their phone number is 732-477-8300
John Boyle August 17, 2012 at 02:33 PM
If Suresh was going in the correct direction of travel and obeying the signal then the driver should be determined to be at fault. A right hook crash is the most common type of crash that bicyclists are involved in and is a result of motorists cutting right into the path of bikes. In Europe trucks are required to have mirrors that allow them to look directly down at the right side of the cab. The State DOT should look at this intersection for bicycle and pedestrian improvements such as moving the stop bars back and painting the crosswalks (so the vehicles do not block the crosswalk area and can see a bicyclist waiting at the light).
Mark Story Jenks August 17, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Well said. Anyone who has driven a tractor trailer knows about the blind spots. There is an awful lot you can't see, especially of what is alongside the right or behind you.. It is obvious the truck driver never saw the man on the bike, and the man on the bike never knew the truck was going to turn. I was not there, and will not place blame. But I've driven tractor trailers, and ride a bicycle every day. I can see how easily this could happen, with certain but unfortunately tragic timing of both parties. The wrong place at the wrong time for both. I wonder why the passenger of the truck didn't see the bicyclist and alert the driver. Maybe the passenger was sleeping or distracted. Or just looking straight ahead, or sitting too far forward and blocking the mirror? We'll never know, will we.
Mark Story Jenks August 17, 2012 at 04:39 PM
CORRECTION: I am wrong in referencing a passenger in the cab of the truck. Apparently the driver was the only person in the truck. If there had been a passenger, maybe things would have turned out differently.
So sad September 27, 2012 at 01:37 AM
I just found out today that he died when i went to his workplace. He was going to see his family in India after 4 years this September.He was counting days just before he died and was so looking forward to finally meet his family and his new grandchild . All this time he was saving up so he could send some money home and didn't know that he will never be able to see them again ...........


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