Toms River Issues Safety Tips During Power Outages

Natural disasters plus power outages mean extra precautions:

The Toms River Bureau of Fire Prevention urges residents to continue to listen to the latest updates for returning power to your homes.

Here are some safety tips to consider

  • Keep away from loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to your power company
  • Carefully assess the damage around the exterior of your home for structural damage
  • Stay out of the building if you smell gas, or floodwaters remain around the structure
  • Take pictures of the damage, both of your home and its contents for insurance purposes
  • If you are uncertain of the integrity of your home, have it inspected by a qualified building inspector
  • Use flashlights rather than candles to find your way in the dark
  • Avoid drinking or preparing food with tap water until you are sure it is not contaminated
  • Discard any food that has not been properly refrigerated
  • Follow the manufactures instructions when using portable generators
  • Test and replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

The Toms River Fire Companies along with all the mutual aid companies have been responding to numerous false alarm calls due to low or missing batteries in these life saving devices.

Our Emergency Service Personnel have been working around the clock to ensure residents are safe during these trying times, Help Us to Help You

The Toms River Fire Prevention Bureau can be reached at 732-240-5153.

Rob Yaiser

Public Education Officer

Toms River Fire Prevention Bureau


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