' The Heroin Pandemic '

.  With respect and encouragement to the dedicated men and women of Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue and Emergency Medical Personnel for their values of Life in the ongoing struggle against Evil.  . Let these stark shrieking realities be spotlighted and broadcast by the wide range media, dare they are fair to see past the adulation of degenerate public figures and celebrities, public spectacle sensationalism or the thoughtless consumption of pop culture glorification. . As we witness the deaths, despair and destruction of tormented lives throughout our communities and towns by the spread of a deadly addiction, insidious contagions, afflictions and associations linked only to crime within a vast network of narcotics distribution.  . The so called 'Drug Hot Spots' are presently known, as the shape shifting suppliers of disease and death is always on the move. . Not to mention the fact that certain drug maintenance programs which should be cost free, are merely a 'different kind of network' which in substituting one deadly drug for another may be considered sideshows of legalized Pharmaceutical Fraud. . Hope lies only through determination of the will, honest effective treatments and supports from a competent society, and by all means necessary to 'Stop the flow of deadly Drugs'. This story however has no foreseeable end.   .
diana verderame kieffer February 08, 2014 at 08:30 PM
It is horrible and soon this will trickle down to school children unaware of the dangers involved and we will loose our children to this bad drug-we need more enforcement so this does not effect the mid graders next
Melinda Murray February 08, 2014 at 09:17 PM
It has 2 eighth grade girls end of last school year arrested right out of the school. Doing and dealing Oxy. A boy caught in high school with counterfeit money and weed in his locker. Guess where he was the next day? Yup..in school. Our BOE can expel kids from school.We do not have to provide anything for them after we expel them. I hate to say give up on any of them. But the numbers {real numbers} for recovery are not good. Under 1%. And I do not want my child sitting next to a kid who is nodding-out. Or having his things robbed by a some kid who doesn't belong in a school atmosphere. Keeping these addicted troubled kids in our schools is putting all the other children at risk. Risk of violence, Robbed, not even to mention the attention it takes away from the education they are supposed to be getting in school.
Peter P. March 27, 2014 at 01:17 PM
Just in case anyone is following this thread. To qualify myself I am from New Jersey and I was just there, it makes me so sad to see what is going on in the area. I work for a treatment center doing online marketing and I worked out a deal where every 3 clients that come in off the website, I can offer a free scholarship for 1 person Please call for details 954-900-4260 or visit us at www.newbeginninghealth.com This is not a joke and this is not spam just a guy who's been there trying to help. Please note that this offer is for the person who cannot afford it, otherwise we do offer payment plans, we take insurance and our program is much more affordable than most throughout New Jersey meaning 90 day treatment for what most pay for a month. Recovery is Possible; believe me I have a past as well, but I have changed for the better. If its possible for me then it's possible for you or your loved one.


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