Importance of yearly Chimney Inspections!

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Heres the Crew

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Your chimney is an important part of your home heating system. For safe and efficient operation, your chimney should be inspected annually by a Certified Chimney Sweep and serviced as needed. Each year, unmaintained chimneys cause significant numbers of deaths and injuries and account for more than $200 million in property losses. Make chimney inspections a regular part of your home maintenance schedule.

disgusted homeowner January 24, 2014 at 08:25 AM
Mark, not that i want to hurt your business but the real answer with today's technology is when you replace your heating unit go with a direct power vented furnace or boiler. I did and get 97% efficiency and my chimney was sealed up forever. Sealed unit combustion and nothing more then 2 white 4" diameter PVC pipes to my basement wall to bring fresh air to my furnace and the othe pipe takes out the exhaust. No more chimney repairs etc. and the highest efficiency available. Same thing for direct power vented gas water heaters are available too. At some point i'm going up and knocking that stupid chimney right off my house and say good riddance. Direct pipe power vented heating system is the way to go. And MANY rebates available from NJ nat. gas and the state of NJ until June 2015. This technology howver is rare in the field of oil fired furnaces howver. That's why i converted to gas.
Michael January 24, 2014 at 02:07 PM
I disagree with the "Disgusted home owner" in today's economy people are struggling to keep their houses.. The average person does not have the money to spend 10k on a newer furnace.. It's easier to just spend the 100 bucks to sweep your chimney and save the other $9900 on other activities..
Mark Jameson January 24, 2014 at 02:30 PM
We do far more than reline chimneys for new heating systems, and not everybody agrees with that overpriced noisy machinery. We Build/Repair fireplaces, Heating Flues, We clean chimneys, Fix Leaky chimneys, all types of masonry and We even knock down the Chimney when customers like yourself choose to eliminate them. Unsure about the reason for your comments. So the Real answer here is we handle more than just conversions. Were not here to debate what type of heating system is better. We are advising the community of the importance and safety of chimney inspections.
bernie January 24, 2014 at 02:46 PM
i've personally used Mark's company as well as having referred him to others with nothing but excellent results. Michael is correct in that in order to convert to a direct vent furnace as well as hot water heater in order to bypass your chimney is a huge expense which most people simply cant afford. His company has also assisted those ive referred him to for commercial properties such as apartment complexes for duct and flu cleaning as well as other work. 2 thumbs up and i will continue to refer his company and services to anyone whom needs it.
disgusted homeowner January 24, 2014 at 04:27 PM
Nowhere near the 10,000 dollar price quoted above. Brand new 120,000 btu gas fired hot water 3 zone boiler $7800 installed minus $1200 in rebates ( got them in 6 weeks) equals $6600 net. Will pay for itself in 2 yrs. 2900 sq. foot building with 3 brand new circulator zone pumps included and the new unit isn't any noisier than a dishwasher. I'm not say throw out your furnace if it still has alot of life left, but after that 25 yr. mark, your money is going right out the chimney. Plus there is all kinds of incentives and 0 percent financing available thru NJ nat. gas. Rebate program is in effect thru June 2015.
disgusted homeowner January 24, 2014 at 04:30 PM
And if you are oil heat like i was, dump it ASAP. Oil heat along with old oil tanks are 1 of the worst scenario's you can have if you try to sell your house. New home buyers don't want oil tanks above or below ground and many mortgage lenders and banks in some cases won't give you a mortgage. Present price of oil is anywhere from 3.79 to 4.09 per gallon.
Michael January 24, 2014 at 06:02 PM
Wo wo wo this is someone else's ad.. Sounds like your in the heating and a.c buisness why don't you just leave your telephone number on your next posting.. Sounds like you have a no work and trying to advertise here..
disgusted homeowner January 26, 2014 at 08:54 AM
BTW, i AM not in the heating or A/C business at all or any related field. Actually i don't even have central air in my home, the unit up in my attic died and i chose not to replace it. I was just trying to ENCOURAGE energy efficiency like many in this country are doing. Sure if you need to replace your furnace, you can still go out and purchase an 80% unit and shave some serious $$ off the bill but why do it?? They won't give you anything in rebates unless the unit is over 90 or 92% efficiency. It's kind of like going to home depot today and buying up all the old energy guzzling incandescent light bulbs while they still have them. Instead of buying some CFC bulbs and saving money on the electric bill. Look at the auto industry. Where did those big Hummers go?? Gone off the assembly line for good. Things change and we have to adjust. I perfectly understand if someone can't truly afford a high efficiency unit BUT their are programs out there to help with the purchase. Just like NJ started the oil tank removal grant program in 2006. Up to $3000 to remove and replace your tank. I did it and got the $$ in 2 months as long as your income was under $250K. Now the program has no money left and you cannot get the grant right now. These programs are meant to ENCOURAGE residents to move towards energy efficiency and maybe, just maybe, make the US energy independent from the countries that sell us oil and hate us. But NO i am not in Mark's line of work and no I'm not looking to take any business away from him.
disgusted homeowner January 26, 2014 at 08:58 AM
Mark did however make 1 serious mistatement concerning high effiiency power vented heating units. He said they were very noisy. TOTALLY WRONG. I actually looked at some of these units that friends and other family members installed and was impressed by how quiet the sealed unit combustion units were. Before i purchased mine. Quieter than the average dishwasher. My old boiler sounded like an airplane was taking off.
disgusted homeowner January 26, 2014 at 09:03 AM
Wouldn't it be a great day if the US gained energy independence and told our enemies what they could do with their foreign oil?? I hope i'm still alive to see that day. I'd smile for a week !!!!! And i do think we are on that good road.....
GT January 27, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Keeping your chiminey clear from any obstructions is the only way to insure that the CO gases (POISON), are proerly vented from your living space. Keep in mind corbondioxcide will kiil you and your entire family, Even more so these days as new homes are sealed tight an insulated to create an (air tight home. What this does is it doesn't allow for old leaky windows or doors to create an air change which clears CO from your home). When Co enters the blood stream it attaches to the hemoglobins in your blood which makes it imposible for life saving oxegen to attatch to your blood cells which will then cause you to sufficate and die. So this fella speaks the truth when he statses keeping it clean can only help to keep your family safe. Now speaking of 97% eff units is a good way to save on operating costs but theres still a danger with any unit that burns fossil fuels. Beside 97's burning 97 cents ffor every dollar you burnm yes they do use outside air for the compustion process, Now the fresh air isn't designed to put fresh air in your home. It uses the outdoor air for combustion so as your typical unit uses oxegen for inside your house By using an older heater the air used from inside your house createas a negetive pressure in the home causing cold air from outside to enter your home through every nuck n cranny there is bring cold air into the house your paying to keep warm. The advantage of a 97% unit is it uses outdoor air for combustion, instead of the air inside your home reducing the negative pressure in your home. Another way to help feel comfortable during these cold months is by installing a humidifer. You see, dry air is like a sponge and absorbs the moiture from your skin. During this you get whats know as evaporation from the skin and that makes you feel cold. Add a humidifer to add moisture to the air so when it's not so dry you won't feel as cold without one. And keep the chiminey clean. It could, and can save your families life...


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