Brick Business Owner's Got Hot Dogs, Plenty of Hot Dogs!

Fred Noshfar of Toms River operates Boardwalk Hot Dogs and Cafe in Brick Township.

For 21 years, Fred Noshfar drove a truck for a living. Until a few years ago, and until the economy began to sour, all was good.

But Noshfar could see things were not going to get better. Driving a truck was becoming too expensive, and the profit margin was shrinking.

Noshfar began to plan for his future, and decided to sell his truck and buy Boardwalk Hot Dogs and Café, 143 Drum Point Road, Brick, a short distance from the intersection with Hooper Avenue.

Interesting change of pace, don’t  you think?

Noshfar is the fourth owner of Boardwalk Hot Dogs and Café, which Sal and Frank Rizzo first opened 20 years ago. Noshfar has owned it for the last five years.

Boardwalk Hot Dogs and Café is a popular little joint, perfect for Noshfar.  It’s a place you love the minute you walk into the place.  It has the certain appeal, like going home to eat.

Noshfar, of Toms River, loves what he does, now five years into his “retirement” niche. He enjoys the customers who frequent his place, the discussions at the counter, which always seem to be about Brick Township and its interesting political history.

The place is what it is – a smallish hot dog joint that everyone, myself included, loves.

I’m a person of habit and order a hot dog, fries and a soda ($6.50) most every time I go there. Noshfar calls it the "Hot Dog Combo." Then I dress up my dog with raw onions and green relish.

There is nothing better than a hot dog, believe me. But there are plenty of menu items available, such as the New York strip steak sandwich with fried onions, fries and a soda. Love it, too.

Noshfar likes to tease his customers with new menu items. He got me hooked on the corn nuggets ($3.95), which I can never resist.

The one thing I have noticed about Boardwalk Hot Dogs and Cafe is that the soups are excellent, the food is always fresh and tasty and the place is very, very clean.

Noshfar would have it no other way. He’s the boss here and he demands that things are done a certain way – his way.

Even his son, Billy, understands what his dad wants when the two of them are working together.

When Fred does have time to talk, those of us who dine with him at the counter (where there are maybe six seats, tops) make sure the good gossip flows freely.

We all love it, believe me when I tell you that.

There is so little not to know about Boardwalk Hot Dogs and Cafe because everything is in front of us at the counter. 

Still, there is a big secret to those great hot dogs.

“It’s the rolls,” Noshfar said.

“Anybody can sell hot dogs,” he said.

But nobody but Fred gets his rolls from Staten Island, N.Y.

“It’s the rolls that make the sandwich,” he said.

The more I thought about it, the more I know Fred is right.  A fresh roll makes a big difference.

Fred serves quarter-pound Schickhaus hot dogs (100 pounds a week) on a great roll that makes me drive out of my way to go there.  I try to get there at least once a week, when possible.

Plus, I’ve got to get the latest gossip.

Fred tells me I have to stop in for breakfast on the weekends.

“It’s the best time,” he said, “we have so much fun.”

And breakfast time on the weekends weekends are crowded, too.

No matter what day I go, there’s always a lot of conversation at the counter among patrons, which I always enjoy.  Everyone is a friend here whether they know you or not. 

“A lot of good people come here to eat,” Noshfar said.

And it’s easy to see why. 

Richard Schiff April 12, 2011 at 11:31 AM
We will stop in for certain!!
GaryR April 13, 2011 at 11:42 AM
Great place...we've been going there since Sal & Frankie owned it. While the Staten Island rolls are very good, it's the hot dogs that make it! Great local feel and always someone to talk to there....it has the 'feel' of a local eatery of North Jersey back in the day. Definitely a must try when you're in the mood for a great dog!
Rick Molinia April 13, 2011 at 12:42 PM
i must say i stopped in and there is NO healthy options.. i suppose if you want to treat urself to a hotDog once a month then have fun.. there is a deli on fischer that makes "hotdogs" out of white breast chicken.HMMMM or ground filet mignion!! wont mention name to respect this article but HEY most importantly support our local BiZ !
Jonnyboy April 13, 2011 at 02:15 PM
Even if my favorite food was hot dogs, I wouldn't go there. My grand-daughter "graduated" from ABC nursery next door, the whole thing was about 40 mins. and it was like 10am, he wouldn't let us park there in front, one day a year, even though we explained what we were doing. That to me is not being neighbor friendly, it's not like he was going to loose enough business to be like that, as a matter of fact, I would have used it to my advantage, I would have had a "graduation special" that day, maybe a coffee and a donut for 1/2 price or something like that, maybe some of the parents would have stopped in after the graduation, but then again, that's only me.
jason miller April 14, 2011 at 02:26 AM
As a regular over at the boardwalk, trying many different items, I can honestly say, this place is one of a kind. The service is great, the food is out of this world, and you get a home like feeling every time you go in. As far as the comment about healthy food, you gotta remember, its not a salad works. They do offer grilled chicken, wraps and sandwiches, and turkey, and eggwhites in the morning. I highly reccomend them to anyone who really desires that one of a kind hot dog. My personal favorite is the hot dog with spicy onions with mustard. As far as the parking, i dont know if you have been here on a normal day, but the parking can get out of control. As the lunch hour sets in, the spots become limited. numerous times ive had to park across the street.


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