Buono denounces Christie gun bill veto

Following Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of three gun bills this August, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sen. Barbara Buono joined Seton Hall shooting survivor Nakeisha Vanterpool and her mother Leslie at a press conference on gun violence in New Jersey.

Christie has faced criticism for vetoing the bills on a Friday evening at 6 p.m., perhaps the time of week when news media are least active and thus less likely to advertise such controversial action.

"On Friday evening, Chris Christie failed to lead," Buono said. "He chose the NRA and the conservative base over families here in New Jersey."
Buono emphasized her opposition to Christie’s veto of one particular bill to ban .50-caliber rifles in New Jersey.

In April, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., Christie called for legislation to ban the .50 caliber rifle. In August, Christie said he believed the Legislature’s version of the bill was overbroad.

Christie’s justification failed to satisfy Buono, however. She suggested that the Governor’s change of heart is tied to Christie’s meetings with several influential pro-gun conservatives over the four-month span. Buono said most New Jerseyans favor reform of gun laws and accused Christie of being “out of touch.”

"This is a weapon that doesn't belong in the hands of regular citizens," Buono said. "It has no legitimate use in civilian life. None whatsoever."

Buono expressed concerns about the assault rifles, noting that anyone holding a firearms identification card can purchase the weapon. Since the law does not require renewal of these cards, someone with a recent history of violence or mental illness can buy a .50-caliber rifle with an ID card acquired prior to such a history, Buono said.
Buono supported a bill to require a more comprehensive background check system. Gov. Christie vetoed that proposal as well.

"He's real tough until it comes to standing up to the NRA," Buono said. "It is utterly irresponsible and unbelievable that he would go this far."

Leslie Vanterpool agreed with Buono and said Christie’s veto means young people like her daughter will continue to be in danger.

“My daughter has to wait for the next [shooting]? Is that what Governor Christie’s trying to tell us?” she said. “I need to wait to get another phone call at 2 o’clock in the morning?”


Watch a Buono campaign video about the importance of Preventing Gun Violence here.

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Francis Lehane September 06, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Bet that none of the anti Gun Liberals have never applied for a New Jersey Firearms ID Card. They are clueless to the lengthy and onerous procedures involved which include multiple verifiable character checks, Mental and medical record searches and fingerprinting for each purchase. Then they display dangerous ignorance confusing State driving privilege's with constitutional rights. If Christie had not vetoed this silly law and your drivers license gets stolen with your FID Card embossed on it the courts would be flooded with law suits against the idiot politicians who pushed this law.
Monica Dowling September 06, 2013 at 10:13 PM
I see these clueless idiots talking about hunting. The 2nd amendment says nothing about hunting. It gives power to the people to fight and kill the idiots who are taking away the rights and their income. When Ft Lee and NJ goes the way of Chicago those $ 100k Donut eating mall cops are not going to be around to protect you from the Obama savages. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed by Botox Buono or any idiot keystone cop with a tin badge from Ft Lee
L.ofgalloway September 18, 2013 at 01:26 PM
S. Bar September 18, 2013 at 02:51 PM
How many crimes in our state were committed in the past year with a .50 caliber? She has no idea what she is talking about but ignorant people with vote for her because it seems like she is doing something to stop the next shooting....which this won't! We need more programs for the mentally ill. Basic health plans barely cover anything for them. PS Francesca, if you live at the Shore you should not vote for Buono as her attention will be spent on urban areas of the state as she feels they need more and we need less. She is already proposing increased spending on urban education when they already get more than our school systems (TR, Brick, etc.)
John October 08, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Growing up in a state that is much more pro gun than NJ, I can guarantee the laws here are already strict enough. We don't need any more laws and it's to the point where it only burdens citizens.


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