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Brick Children’s Community Theatre Celebrates 20 Years on Stage

Celebratory show, "Annie", runs through Aug. 11

With its summer production of "Annie," Brick Children’s Community Theatre (BCCT) celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The non-profit that began in 1992 started out in president Loretta Campagno’s basement when her daughter, founder and director, 18 year-old Heather Campagno, put on shows for the parents of the kids Loretta babysat at her home day-care.

“She would create shows and they would rehearse, then at the end of every summer, she would put on a show. She did this to keep the kids busy,” Loretta Campagno said. “Word of mouth quickly spread and we needed a larger space to rehearse. We moved to the Brick Department of Recreation, then the Actor’s Playhouse in Brick.”

Loretta Campagno said that through the years, the theater company's reach has spread across Ocean and Monmouth counties, with children as young as four-years-old in the winter and spring shows, and eight-years-old in the summer show taking part. The program gets over 100 children each year who audition. The amount of children chosen to perform is dependent upon the show.

Cris Brown, a local mother who assists with fundraising, said Heather Campagno brought out confidence in her once-shy youngest daughter, as well as many of the other children who participate in the theater's shows.

In addition to the confidence the theater brings its children, Brown and costume designer Kathy Mulvaney said the shows the theater puts on are positive, especially the fall and spring shows, which Heather Campagno writes.

“You walk away feeling good from them,” Mulvaney said.

Throughout the years, popular performances of BCCT have included "Beauty and the Beast", "The Wizard of Oz," this summer’s "Annie," and many others. Some of the performances have won Perry Awards — New Jersey's premiere community theater award. BCCT is also proud to award its seniors with scholarships each year, ranging from $250 to $1,000.

On Sunday evening, Brick Township High School’s auditorium was filled with parents and children in attendance to see its celebratory show. During intermission, Councilman Domenick Brando and Jim Mulvaney presented BCCT with a proclamation.

For more information on BCCT or to attend "Annie," – which is being held at Brick Township High School and runs through Aug. 11 – visit www.bcct.org or call 732-920-9041.

JD August 07, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Art... you are a moron... calling children a "commodity"..
DennyD August 07, 2012 at 08:35 PM
What do you think an American kid goes for in the European or Asian market? Art, you need a dictionary.
Slippery Slope August 07, 2012 at 09:56 PM
I think the old windbag meant "commodity" instead of "commidity", and I think he meant " precious resource" instead of "precious commodity". Me thinks he's been smoking the choom.
ashorething August 08, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Seriously, this was a positive article and Mr. Sholty wrote a positive comment on it to the best of his abilitiy to do so. Why do you three have to muddy it up? This whole forum is a joke, it really is. Nothing but people with alot of different names each and lots of anger and negativity, even about the positive stuff and that's not to mention how you treat each other with your comments. If you really want to know why Brick has such a bad rep, it's because people like you promulgate about it. Someone can cure a terrible disease and 3/4's of this forum will bash the person for not doing it sooner, it's rediculous. You don't have to like Art, or anyone for that matter, but a little decorum from us all will probably help make this Town a little better.
JD August 08, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Because Art Shoty comes on this forum... putting everyon down... thinks he is a know it all... but his comment shows how STUPID he is!! Everyone is directing thier comments to the Moron named Sholty!!!


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