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I attended the Brick Memorial Day Parade and much to my disappointment there were not too many vets there or so my old eyes tell me. As I sat there waiting for the marchers to come down the road I noticed that it seemed that there were more wreaths than vets'behind the flag poles, why?  Memorial Day is a day of remembrance, a day for all of us to recall those who have passed on, not necessarily veterans. I remember my father who was not in the military but a worker for the war effort building war ships in the Kearny Ship yards. Also a dear friend and neighbor who lost his life on the Japanese DEATH MARCH in the Philippines. I can remember those of us FIREFIGHTERS who never came home after the fire was extinguished. I will bring these names to my final place and hand them to The Lord, both vets and non vets. He loves them all. Say a prayer for all. 


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